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Chicken Pox Balm by Forces of Nature

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Chicken Pox Balm

Chicken Pox Balm, 11ml

Clear up chicken pox and scars

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Chicken Pox-Balm is proven to relieve itching associated with chicken pox and destroy the virus causing chicken pox (Varicella-Zoster), without causing scarring or tissue damage. The product is safe to use on children over two years old.

Independently conducted medical studies in America, Europe, and Asia provide quantitative proof that the potent ingredients in Chicken Pox Balm deactivate the virus which causes chickenpox, without damaging host cells or tissue. The diverse combination of ingredients in Chickenpox Balm display a wide spectrum of anti-viral activity. These organic plant extracts strengthen the immune response, are highly anti-inflammatory and immediately effective against the offending virus. This serves to calm itching, irritation, and general distress caused by the infection.

Suggested usage:
Apply 15 drops to warm bath water. Or, apply 3 drops in a bowl of warm water and sponge.

Ingredients: Organic essential oils of Roman Chamomile, Lavandin, Bergamont, peppermint, melaueca alternilfolia, sesame.


"Mika, my two year-old girl was afflicted with a particularly nasty case of chickenpox, but recovered easily and appeared unworried by the irritation after bathing. She was very calmed by using your pox balm."
Dianne Nevus Houston "When my 24-month old boy Matthew broke out with lesions all over his body, his itching was uncontrollable. I bathed him 3 times a day, as it seemed to calm him down considerably. There was a soothing effect with a reduction in irritation and consequent scratching. The crusts healed quickly and fell off without leaving any scarring. What a relief, thank you!"
Jamie Donovan Santa Barbara, CA

"My three year-old boy came down with chickenpox last week. He broke out with horrible lesions all over his body, frightening! I gave him 2 baths a day for three days, after which he no longer needed them.
The lesions crusted over with very little scratching and after 3 days virtually all the lesions have healed and I found him scratching only once today. I am very relieved and thankful. "
Nancy Roberts White Plains, New York

"I had always thought my 12 year old daughter had chickenpox, so when she visited a friend whose brother was covered in lesions, and had just started using your product, I did not think it would be a problem. However, in due course, Jessica broke out with chickenpox lesions. She was completely covered in red spots and so miserable. I went to my neighbor to fetch the chickenpox product, as they reported great success with the bath mix. The first bath was so relieving, calming, refreshing and cooling that she had three baths in total, during the day. My daughter calls it a magic remedy. "
Joanne Clarkson St. Louis

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