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Neprinol AFD by Arthur Andrew Medical

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Neprinol AFD

Neprinol AFD, 300 Capsules/500mg

Advanced Fibrin Defense

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Brand: Arthur Andrew Medical
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NEPRINOL AFD is the most scientifically advanced broad spectrum enzyme blend available. NEPRINOL AFD uses individually enterically coated enzymes to increase pH range and resistance to stomach acid. NEPRINOL AFD is the first systemic blend with 100% pharmaceutical grade components and the purest forms of Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Co-Q10 available. Several years of scientific research and clinical studies have been conducted on each and every component that makes up NEPRINOL AFD.

Discovery Health Channel host and chartered biologist Dr. Laz Bannock discovered that systemic oral enzymes (like those formulated into Neprinol* may significantly help the body maintain normal fibrin levels and lower C-reactive protein levels. Medical science has attributed inflammation in the body to, among other things, increased fibrin levels and often uses C-reactive protein levels to assess the acuteness of inflammation.

A recent study involving several test subjects conducted at the Santa Fe Center for Nutritional Medicine in Santa Fe New Mexico indicates that blends of systemic oral enzymes may play a useful role in helping the body maintain healthy fibrin levels and therefore help in controlling the negative effects of one of the causative agents involved in the inflammation processes.

Fibrin is a particular substance naturally formed in the human body that plays a significant role in our health and general well being. Fibrin is documented to be responsible for scar tissue, thrombus formation, arthritic and inflammatory conditions along with associated pain.

Neprinol-AFD by Arthur Andrew Medical contains a blend of systemic enzymes that specifically address fibrin levels in the body. Natural removal of fibrin by the body is accomplished by enzymes (principally plasmin) whose role is to attack the excess fibrin buildup. Neprinol-AFD provides superior fibrin-active enzymes in a combination designed to address fibrin buildup and more.

Fibrinolytic enzymes such as Nattokinase and Serrapeptase can substantially lower C - reactive protein levels (CRP), an inflammation marker found during periods of systemic inflammation. Unlike taking daily aspirin, NEPRINOL AFD thins the blood by removing unwanted debris. NEPRINOL AFD does not generate gastrointestinal distress, and does not put stress on the liver. For those already affected by heart disease, fibrinolytic enzymes have shown the ability to emulsify circulatory buildup and remove scar tissue. Nattokinase has been clinically shown to remove arterial blockages 60% faster than the body's own natural fibrinolytic enzyme plasmin. The combination of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase in Neprinol AFD offers this complete fibrinolytic complement of supplemental enzymes.

Enzyme Deficiencies Are Believed to Play a Contributing Role In:
Acid Reflux Disease
Antibiotic Infection
Swelling - Inflammation - Adema
Strong Antioxidant effect
Chronic Fatigue "CFS"
Chronic Pain
Diabetes Type II / Risk
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Fibromyalgia Syndrome
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Increased Risk of Stroke
Intermittent Claudication
Multiple Sclerosis
Ocular Degeneration
Peripheral Neuropathy
Peyronie's Disease
Phlebitis / Thrombophlebitis
Polycythemia Vera
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Uterine Fibroids

Suggetsed Usage:
Take one or two capsules, in the morning and/or at bedtime in between meals with 8 oz. water.

Systemic and Lipoltic enzyme blend
(Natto,Peptizyme SP/serratiopeptidase, Lipase)
Cofactor blend (rutin, almapapain,bromelain, Ubiquinone(USP grade CQ10), Magnesium)
Proease belend (Microbial proreases derived from A. oryzae, B. subtilis and Serratia)

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