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What is Oregamax?

Oregamax is the original wild oregano supplement. The leaves of the oregano plant are collected and then mixed with wild rhus coriaria (mountain berry), garlic and onion for a total antioxidant package. Oregamax is also an excellent source of natural calcium, zinc, copper and phosphorous. In fact, the plant grows right out of white, rocky, mineral-rich soil. Oregamax is excellent for the digestive system and should be taken every day for optimal health.*

Oregamax is guaranteed wild!

History of Oregano contained in Oregamax

Oregamax contains a type of wild oregano that has the most ancient history known. In fact, when you take Oregamax, you are consuming the same ancient substance known as the hyssop of the Bible. It is the same substance which Mamonides, the famous Jewish physician of Islamic Spain, said is the hyssop of the Law. Yet, Mamonides as well as the modern researcher Fleisher knew that the hyssop of the mountains is, in fact, wild oregano. Is this pungent, hot-tasting, wild oregano the Burning Bush of Moses, as described by Bible researcher Earl Smith? Only time will tell.

Oregamax Benefits

Oregamax is the ideal tonic for virtually anyone desiring strong herbal support. It tastes strong (but it is lovely) and is a source of tremendous herbal strength. Oregamax is made from wild oregano found in the deep Mediterranean mountains and is the only guaranteed wild Mediterranean oregano product. The wild oregano in Oregamax offers a rich array of strength-promoting flavonoids not found in the oil. It also contains Rhus coriaria, which is a mountain berry. This berry is a rich source of anti-allergy flavonoids, particularly malic, tannic and gallic acids. It also provides naturally occurring vitamin C. Finally, organic garlic and onion are added to accelerate the herbal powers. Oregamax is a village formula, and it has been used for thousands of years.

The wild oregano in Oregamax is an excellent source of special, powerful substances known as phenolic acids. When you need herbal strength quickly, this is the formula to rely upon, because these phenolic acids are readily used by the body to enhance health. It is also a top source of natural calcium, zinc, copper and phosphorus; in fact, the plant grows right out of white, rocky, mineral-rich soil.

How To Use Oregamax

Take two capsules once or, preferably, twice daily with meals or on an empty stomach. For greater herbal power, take three caps two or three times daily. This wild oregano is safe and valuable. Open the caps and add it to food.

Protocol for the Use of Oregamax Capsules *

Oregamax is 100% safe. It is safer than eating commercial food. It is safer than fried food, commercial wheat bread, soda pop, etc. It is safe for all ages. The only side effect is that the individual might achieve an unexpected degree of wellness*. Oregamax is the original wild oregano supplement, modeled after research done at Cornell University. It is the only oregano supplement containing exclusively the wild, high-mountain, Mediterranean oregano species known as Bible Hyssop.

  1. To cleanse the system of impurities*, take two or three capsules three times daily. Start slowly, like one cap twice daily and work the amount up. A cleansing reaction flu-like symptoms*, while rare, can occur, because wild oregano activates stagnant immune systems. Do the cleanse for at least one month.
  2. For tough situations, take two or three capsules several times daily. Continue this as long as needed.
  3. For a history of food/water poisoning by germs or chemicals*, follow step #1 above. For severe food/water poisoning, continue this protocol for two months. For additional cleansing power, add Liva Clenz or Juice of Oregano. Follow instructions on the bottle.*
  4. As a maintenance, take two to four capsules daily.

For best results, take Oregamax whenever using oil of oregano!

Manufacturer of Oregamax

Oregamax is manufactured by North American Herb & Spice, The original makers of wild high mountain oil of oregano, Oregamax, Juice of Oregano, and other edible herbs.

Oregamax Testimonials

I had a bladder infection which bothered me terribly. Recently I began using the Oregamax capsules twice a day and am very happy to report my bladder infection has completely cleared up! I also have used the Oil of Oregano (Oreganol) to treat a skin rash and it cleared up the rash overnight!!! This oregano is incredible!!! ** Rose H. - KS

I love Oregamax for digestion problems. As a side effect, all the minerals from the wild herbs stopped the bone loss and pain. It helped me heal a fractured hip and stopped the terrible pain. I also used the Oreganol P73 topically and under the tongue right after the fracture for several months. It stops pain fast and bleeding too. Cuts, wounds and burns of all kinds are healed so fast and painlessly. God blessed the plant and anyone who uses it is blessed. ** JK - Manitoba

I'm 60 years old and I am very pleased with the oregano products. I use the Oregamax and the Oil of Oregano and it has cleared up my toenail fungus. My energy levels have also improved. Finally, I have found a product that does everything that it says it will do and more. Thank you!!! ** Michael H. - OH

My daughter has suffered from eczema for many years. After using the Oregamax for 10 days she saw dramatic improvements. She won't be without the Oregamax and the Oil of Oregano. ** Max M. - OH

The Oil of Oregano and capsules (Oregamax) have been a tremendous help for me. After a week, my sinus congestion and nasal drip have been relieved. I feel as though my breathing capacity has strengthened, as I highly recommend this. ** Bob M. - PA

Oregamax Research

Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73 Have a Direct Killing Effect and Ability to Stop Replication of the human Coronavirus in Vitro Coronaviruses are so named because the organisms exhibit a halo-like appearance when viewed under the microscope. Coronaviruses are the second leading cause of colds and influenza, the first leading cause being attributed to rhinoviruses.

The coronavirus is associated with symptoms ranging from fever, headache, chills and sneezing to sore throat, cough and nasal discharge. The coronavirus can also cause pneumonia and other respiratory symptoms. The coronavirus is linked to symptoms associated with SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The organism believed to be responsible for the SARS outbreak (first discovered in November 2002) is a novel form of the coronavirus.

Recent in Vitro research conducted by Microbiotest, Inc. (Sterling, VA) demonstrated that Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73 have a potent direct killing effect against the human coronavirus, as well as having the ability to halt virus replication in host cells infected with the human coronavirus.

Oreganol P73 had a direct killing effect on the coronavirus by reducing the viral count from 5,500,000 copies per ml to 150 copies of virus per ml, over a period of twenty minutes. Oregacyn P73 also had a direct killing effect on the coronavirus, but at a steeper rate of viral kill. Oregacyn P73 reduced the viral count from the 5,500,000 copies per ml starting point to a non-detectable level in twenty minutes. The above graph demonstrates the ability of Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73 to directly kill the coronavirus (In Vitro).*

When virus infected host cells were mixed with Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73, Oreganol (0.1% solution) and Oregacyn (0.01% solution) were also able to stop the replication of the human coronavirus in infected host cells (In Vitro).*

In summary, this study demonstrated the ability of Oreganol and Oregacyn P73 to directly kill the human coronavirus (In Vitro), and halt human coronavirus replication in infected host cells (In Vitro).*

Oregamax Possible Side Effects

Side effects are minimal. However, allergic reactions to oregano oil and even a sensitivity to plants in the Labiatae family (thyme, basil, hyssop, marjoram, mint, sage) can occur. Stop taking oregano oil (and any form of oregano) if signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction develop.*

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