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Scar Control by Forces of Nature

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Scar Control

Scar Control, 11 ml

Certified Organic

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Brand: Forces of Nature
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  • Sold in pharmacies and safe for use
  • Doctor recommended and proven effective
  • 100% Pure, all Natural, and CERTIFIED ORGANIC.
  • Proven to reduce scars and help prevent scar formation
  • Scar Controlis an all natural, CERTIFIED ORGANIC formula designed to reduce and help eliminate old and new scars while promoting healthy and balanced skin.

    This special blend of 100% pure and natural Certified Organic rose hip seed oil, the very rare Certified organic helichrysum oil, and other all natural skin regenerative ingredients, are combined to make this product extremely effective and unsurpassed for repairing damaged or scarred skin.

    Scar Controlis proven to reduce the size of scars, eliminate the purplish color of a scar, and improves elasticity of skin tissue. Tests demostrate that improvements in the appearance of scars are permanent. The average improvement time is generally between 1 - 3 months.

    This all natural skin regenerative treatment is also proven to be highly effective in improving skin tone on the face and areas of treatment. The helichrysum inScar Controlis proven to be a highly effective treatment when inflamed tissue needs to be calmed and regenerated. Helichrysum alone is more predictable in its action as a skin regenerative than almost any other product available.

    The skin regenerative properties of helichrysum have the unique ability to penetrate into cell membranes. This unique action helps heals wounds without scarring and is highly effective to eliminate existing scars. The chemical constituents ofScar Controlare part of the human biological makeup, pure and all natural. These ingredients are derived from millions of years of planetary development, providing a system of medicine which is not only in total biochemical harmony with the human body, but also non invasive.

    Suggested Usage:
    Simply rub one to three drops into the area of treatment. Apply three times per day.

    Ingredients: Calendula Officinalis 6X HPUS, Silicea 6X HPUS, Thiosinaminum 8C HPUS

    Also contains: Corsican Helichrysum, chilean Rosa Moschata, Mediterranean Rosmarinus Verbanone, French Lavandula Super, American Sesamum Indicum.


    "I have a testimonial for your product Scar Control. I have Lupus and have a severe butterfly rash that covers 90% of my face, neck and ears. I have tried everything known to man to treat and mask this rash and until now, everything else has either irritated my skin or failed.

    I received an email from my mother about your product and decided to give it a try based on other people's testimonials. I placed an order for a bottle about two weeks ago and have used it as directed every day since. My skin is beginning to show MAJOR signs of improvement. The scabs around my ears and eyes are clearing up as well as the skin on my face is not as dry and flaky anymore. Co-workers have commented that my face looks a lot better and is not as red as usual.

    I am a 41 year old man who has had this dreadful disease for 17 years now. In the past, I avoided crowds and busy places because of the stares and rude people asking questions. With the recent improvements that your product has had on me, I feel more confident to 'show-my-face' in public again."
    Michael D.

    "Hi, I just wanted to thank you for making so many amazing products. I have been so frustrated lately, being only 20 years old and having so many annoying problems with my body. It has been like a miracle since I've discovered your natural products. I tried the scars no more, and discovered that they evened out the skin tone on my face. I have tried everything from acne medications and expensive lotions, and nothing has compared to the effects I've gotten from scars no more. "
    Sophie P.

    "I'm so thrilled with your product I'm sending one to my Dad who is having trouble with a scar healing without infecting. I had been suffering with a scar and skin discoloration on my neck for years. After only a few weeks of treatment with your wonderful product, skin cured, the scar is almost all gone and skin color back to normal. Life is again wonderful..... I wish to spread the good news!"
    Anne S. Southern California "I am glad you invented Scar Control, it works great! I just had some warts frozen off which left DEEP RED scars. After seeing your Scar Control online I decided to give it a shot and wow AMAZING! I used 2 drops a day for about 2 weeks and now my scar is 99% indictable, really! I can't believe it and am so happy. I thought I would have to live with the scar problem the rest of my life. Thanks again!"
    Tom U.

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