Red Panax Ginseng Extract

Red Panax Ginseng Extract

Red Panax Ginseng Information

Scientific Name: Panax Ginseng
Other Names: Asian Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Ginseng, Guigai, Japanese Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Ninjin, Oriental Ginseng, Panax schinseng, Seng

Ginseng is an excellent tonic with numerous nutrients such as saponins, panaxosides, Rh2, selenium, vitamin A, etc.

Red Panax Ginseng in liquid form

Red Panax Ginseng in liquid form provides the best absorption.

Use of Red Panax Ginseng in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine considers ginseng the king of herbs and uses it for general debility, fatigue, for "pacifying the nerve system and nourishing the brain" and for immune support, energy, mental power, alertness and maintenance of good health.

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Clinical Trials of Red Panax Ginseng

64 neurasthenia patients given Ginkgo biloba/ginseng combination at 80, 160, or 320 mg bid for 90 days had improved heart rate and cognition Wesnes 1997

Quality-of-life assessed by an 11-item questionnaire, improved 6.4 points with vitamins and 11.9 points with vitamins plus ginseng in a 4 month, randomized, double-blind study with 625 patients Caso Marasco 1996

Spermatozoa number and motility and plasma testosterone, DHT, FSH and LH levels increased in men taking ginseng while PRL decreased in a study with 66 patients Salvati 1996

Antibody titre after flu vaccination was increased from 171 to 272 and number of flu cases dropped from 42 to 15 in the group taking 100 mg Ginsana for 12 weeks in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind investigation of 227 people Scaglione 1996

Erectile dysfunction patients had greater improvement with ginseng than placebo or trazodone in a trial with 90 men Choi 1995

Digoxin treatment of cardiac function was enhanced by red ginseng in a trial with 45 patients [Article in Chinese] Ding 1995

Cancer incidence was lower among ginseng users. Level was lowest for red ginseng (0.20), followed by white ginseng powder (0.30), fresh ginseng extract (0.37) and white ginseng extract (0.57) Yun 1995

200 precancerous patients treated with Hua-sheng-ping (Chrysanthemum morifolium, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Panax notoginseng) had 95.5% effective rate compared with 57% in the control group [Article in Chinese] Yu 1993

Systolic blood pressure of 10 adults decreased with large-dose (120 mg ginkgo biloba +200 mg ginseng) or half that dose. Diastolic blood pressure and heart rate decreased only in the high dosage group. Platelet aggregation is reduced by both doses Kiesewetter 1992

Exercise work load and maximal oxygen consumption were increased by ginseng in a double-blind, crossover study with 50 men taking, for 6 weeks, a preparation of ginseng extract, dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements Pieralisi 1991

Angina improvement by Shenshao Tongguan Pian (saponins from Ginseng & Paeoniae, etc) in a randomized double blind trial of 565 cases of coronary heart disease [Article in Chinese] Hu 1990

Immune parameters were improved in 20 healthy volunteers taking 100 mg of aqueous or standardized extracts twice daily for 8 weeks Scaglione 1990

Among 905 consecutive cancer patients , the odds ratio of cancer in relation to ginseng intake was 0.56. Ginseng extract and powder were more effective than fresh sliced ginseng, the juice, or tea Yun 1990

Senility and coronary benefit was seen with 358 people (50-85 yr old) taking ginseng saponin at 150 mg/d for 2 months [Article in Chinese] Zhao 1990

Blood alcohol was 35% lower in men taking ginseng extract (3 g/65 kg body weight) along with alcohol (72 g/65 kg body weight) Lee 1987

Improvements in attention (cancellation test), processing (mental arithmetic, logical deduction), integrated sensory-motor function (choice reaction time) and auditory reaction time in 16 men taking 100 mg Korean ginseng twice a day for 12 weeks D'Angelo 1986

Total cholesterol, triglyceride and NEFA decreased while HDL (healthy) cholesterol increased in patients taking red ginseng powder. Platelet adhesiveness was also reduced Yamamoto 1983

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