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Organic Chamomile Bitters by Urban Moonshine

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Organic Chamomile Bitters

Organic Chamomile Bitters, 2 fl oz.

Digestive Aid

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Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters are made with certified organic Vermont herbs and roots--complemented by a few worldly exotics. Our bitters revive the tradition of dazzling the palate while priming digestion. Our NEW Chamomile Bitters are a gentle, aromatic bitters formula--with soothing chamomile and a higher ginger content for nausea, suitable for occasional heartburn and morning sickness during pregnancy!

The simple ingredient list includes: Organic Dandelion, Chamomile, Burdock, Yellow Dock, and Ginger, giving this potent formula a delightful flavor profile. Our Chamomile Bitters are a wonderful option for chamomile lovers, bitters enthusiasts, and folks looking for a bitters formula free of citrus, fennel, & essential oils! Now more folks with sensitivities can enjoy the benefits of our organic digestive bitters!

Chamomile- Most everyone knows chamomile for  its calmative power and the gentle support it offers the nervous system.   What not everyone knows is that this familiar, unassuming flower embodies very similar qualities when it comes to supporting healthy digestion as well.  As an aromatic bitter, chamomile is excellent in cases of occasional gas and bloating and for relieving the discomfort of nausea associated with pregnancy.   Like other bitter herbs, a few drops of an extract can also be taken after meals in the case of occasional heartburn. 

Dandelion Leaf and Root- 
A traditional digestive remedy, dandelion root can be used before meals to prevent gas and bloating, or after meals for occasional heartburn. It supports healthy liver function, and herbalists prize it for its ability to maintain healthy, clear skin. Try up to 1/2 teaspoon in a little water twice a day, before or after meals. It is a very safe, food-like herb with no known contraindications.

Burdock Root-  
If you’ve ever tried pulling burdock from your backyard, you know that nothing rivals the vigor of this deep and tenacious tap root.  Some herbalists observe a relationship between the qualities of a plant as it grows and the qualities it supports in the person taking it. Burdock root has a rich nutritional profile and is very nourishing and food-like.   Being well-nourished encourages good health and supports access to your own inner vigor.  Here, we can see burdock’s strength mirrored.
The root is highly regarded as an unrivaled digestive tonic and supporter of healthy liver function.  As a bitter it is mild, yet effective. Herbalists have long used it to support healthy skin.  When harvested in the fall burdock root has a slightly sweet, cool taste to it.  The sweetness can be attributed to the starches it stores for itself to make it through a long winter.  These starches, also known as inulin, feed us as well and support our bodies in maintaining healthy gut flora.  Our fall-harvested burdock root extract is loaded with everything that makes this plant so beneficial.

Yellow Dock Root-
Yellow dock earned its name for its brilliant yellow, forking tap root.  When dug from wild, open fields in the early fall, the root extract makes for an excellent digestive bitter and has been used to support healthy, regular bowel function.  It addition, yellow dock root has a long traditional use in maintaining optimal metabolic function and supporting clear, healthy skin. Enjoy your true radiance with this herbal tonic by your side.

This tropical rhizome has long been used in teas, food and herbal preparations, and we know why.  Ginger’s taste is spicy but earthy, and the warmth it brings to our mouth radiates throughout the body.  It is superb at supporting circulation and directing our body’s attention to the places that need healthy maintenance.  Spices like ginger that help warm us up can also help us break a sweat when we are ready to cool down.  What makes this plant even more impressive is that it can act as a pleasant, supportive herb to our body’s immune function, too.

How To Use: To stimulate healthy digestion, enjoy approximately ¼ teaspoon (1.2 mL) of our bitters before or after meals-- or to curb a sugar craving (not to exceed 8 times per day)! Start small in your serving: everyone's body is different, and many people find that a very small serving can be quite sufficient. If the bitter taste is especially rare in your diet, your digestion will fire up with just a very small amount of the bitters. Use the mouth spray for a convenient way to spritz the bitters directly on the tongue!

Ingredients: Pure Water, Organic Alcohol, Org. Dandelion Root and Leaf, Org. Chamomile, Org. Burdock Root, Org. Yellow Dock Root, Org. Ginger Root.

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