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Kelp Thallus Powder by Oregon's Wild Harvest

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Kelp Thallus Powder

Kelp Thallus Powder, Overstock/Final Sale, 1 lb.

Natural Source of Iodine

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Organic Kelp Thallus - Dried thallus, powder

This certified organic Kelp thallus is grown in clean ocean waters. The 'organic' status assures that each harvester must monitor their beds for sustainability. They must keep their freshly picked plants clear of possible contaminants throughout the harvest transport, drying and packing process. The plants are tested for contaminants and heavy metals.

Background and Use

Seaweed has been used medicinally in Asia for over 5,000 years. The sea vegetables (of which there are numerous species) have been used in traditional medicine, cosmetics and consumed as a food.

In the 1860's, it was discovered that some seaweeds, such as Kelp, serve as thyroid stimulants, due to the high iodine levels found in these plants. The thyroid gland needs dietary iodine to produce the thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism in every cell of the body and play a role in virtually all physiological functions. In the United States, it is rare to have an underactive thyroid brought about by an iodine deficiency, due to the fortification of salt with iodine (iodized salt). However, recent trends show that people are getting less iodine dietarily, due to a reduction of salt in their diet.

Oregon's Wild Harvest offer an extensive selection of dried herbs in whole, cut and sift, and powdered form. Many of our herbs are hand-picked to assure superior quality and most are certified organically grown in the healthy, fertile soil of our farm. We also work with ecologically responsible farmers throughout the country to provide a diverse selection of organically grown and wildcrafted plant material, promoting sustainable organic agribusiness. We guarantee genus and species, hand-selecting only the highest quality plants for resale.

All of Oregon's Wild Harvest bulk herbs have passed strict Quality Control to ensure product quality. All our bulk herbs undergo extensive in-house lab tests for microbial contamination prior to sale, to ensure our customers receive safe and effective plant material.

Bulk Herb PackagingThe added benefits of these new bags:

  • Resealable, zip lock type opening.
  • Blocks some UV-damaging light, and reduces permeability to air - this helps to preserve the herb's integrity.
  • More durable and less likely to rip or puncture.
  • Excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

Suggested Use: Take 1/4 teaspoon daily.

Consult your health care professional if using kelp for thyroid imbalance. A small percentage of people are sensative to iodine and could develop a painful and enlarged thyroid gland if they consume iodine-rich substances such as kelp for longer than a month. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur.

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