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Aller-Calm by L A Naturals

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Aller-Calm, 1 fl. oz.

Supports Healthy Sinus Function

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Brand: L A Naturals
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What is Aller-Calm?
Aller-Calm supports healthy sinus and respiratory system function.

Suggested Use:
10-30 lbs. use 10-20 drops, 31-60 lbs. use 20-40 drops, 61-100 lbs. use 40-60 drops, over 100 lbs. use 60-90 drops, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water.

Supplement Facts: Amount per serving:
Serving size: 30 drops
Servings per container: 30
Proprietary Blend:
Nettle Leaf +, Eyebright Herb>,
Fresh Yerba Santa Leaf>,
Fresh Osha Root>,
Oregon Grape Root>,
Fresh Ambrosia Herb>,
Lobelia Herb +
424 mg
Herb Strength Ratio 1:2.4
Other ingredients:
Vegetable Glycerin,
Deionized Water, Honey

Why Tinctures Instead of Pills?
Although pills are the traditional form for supplements, there are many advantages to taking herbs in their liquid form. Below we provide some of the benefits.

Better Potency
Most professional herbalists and naturopaths prefer liquid herbal extracts because they tend to be fresher and more potent. The herbs are harvested at the peak of their growth cycle and quickly converted into liquid extracts. Herbs that are dried and then manufactured into pills can lose potency and effectiveness.

More Bioavailability
Digestion is a challenge for many people. Pills often pass through the system without being broken down. Liquid extracts are readily absorbable. The lab has already broken down the plant material and extracted the full spectrum of active constituents for absorption. Additionally, the taste of the extracts increases digestive enzymes, thereby improving the absorption process even further.

Easy to Use
Children as well as the elderly can have problems swallowing pills. With tinctures, they simply place a few drops in a little water or juice and drink it.

Faster Results
Since tinctures absorb more readily (up to 40% better than pills), you experience faster results. This is especially important for acute conditions such as pain or insomnia when pills can be much slower in providing relief.
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