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No Shot Methyl B12 10,000 mcg by SuperiorSource

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No Shot Methyl B12 10,000 mcg

No Shot Methyl B12 10,000 mcg, B6 & Folic Acid 1200 mcg, 30 Instant Dissolve Micro-Tablets

Extra Strength Methylcobalamin

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What is No Shot Methyl B12 10,000 mcg/B6/Folic Acid 1200mcg?
NO SHOT® B-12 Methylcobalamin / B-6 /  Folic Acid  "Instant Dissolve Sublingual Micro-Tabs" go to work fast, just place one Sublingual Micro-Tab under the tongue and within seconds the Micro-Tab is dissolved and the nutrients are sped into the blood stream. The combination of B-12 / B-6 & Folic Acid provides essential nutrients for the well being of the heart, by working synergistically to achieve a lower Homocysteine level which in turn lowers the risk of developing heart conditions as well as providing nutritive support for healthy cardiovascular functions.

Our instant dissolve MicroLingual tablets bypass the digestive system. This concept is vital for vitamin B12 supplementation 1. When typical vitamin B12 tablets or capsules are swallowed, they head to the stomach where the potency of any supplement is lost due to the high acid environment. The amount that remains — about 50% of what was swallowed — heads into the digestive tract.

Here, vitamin B12 can only be absorbed into the body if it comes in contact with a special protein in the gut, called intrinsic factor. Intrinsic factor has to happen upon the vitamin B12 and lock onto it in order to bring it through the intestinal wall. This is a very inefficient process that results in limited absorption of supplemented vitamin B12. The MicroLingual system bypasses all that. Held under the tongue, the supplement is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, resulting in an immediate B12-vitamin boost.

Plant-based foods do not contain any B12, which can lead to challenges for people who do not eat meat. Also, regardless of dietary habits, as people age the digestive system has more trouble absorbing B12. Anyone age 40 or older can benefit from supplementing this vitamin.
Suggested Use:
Dissolve one tablet under the tongue daily as a dietary supplement. May also be swallowed as you would a regular tablet.
Supplement Facts: Amount per serving:
Serving size:
1 Instant Dissolve Micro-Tablet
Servings per container:
Vitamin B-6
(as Pyridoxine HCL)
2 mg
Folic Acid 1,200 mcg
Vitamin B-12
(as Methylcobalamin)
10,000 mcg
Stevia Leaf Extract 1 mg
Other ingredients:
Lactose (milk), Natural Cherry
Flavor and Gum Arabic.


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