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LarreaRx by LarreaRx

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LarreaRx, Antiviral Complex, 60 Vegi Caps

made from the Larrea Plant

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LarreaRx Antiviral Complex made from the Larrea Plant

LarreaRx capsules contains a potent extract of the Larrea plant called Virastatin(Larreastat) and Vitamin C as ascorbic acid in a vegetable capsule. The Larrea plant offers some unique benefits but is particular effective in fighting viruses . The capsules offer invaluable immune support but also have the ability to stop viruses replicating in your body.

The Larrea plant also boasts effective anti-inflammatory properties, which make it particularly useful in preserving skin health and it therefore assists with skin conditions like ecezma and psoriases. It is also effective against joint aches and pains especially those associated with inflammatory conditions.

How LarreaRx Works
Additional information about Larrea Plant
The Larrea Plant-over 12,000 years old
Scientist believe the Larrea plant is one of the oldest living plants on earth, some actually started growing on the earth 12,000 years ago. The desert bush lives in the harsh climate of the Southwestern US deserts as well as parts of Texas and Arizona. It has developed a wide array of chemicals, which provide protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi, insects and rodents which all share its environment.

What makes Larrea an effective antiviral
The Larrea plant contains antiviral chemicals that are unique to this plant. Known as lignans, they have been scientifically proven to have pronounced antiviral activity. These lignans have the ability to inhibit the activity of genes that viruses need to replicate. So although we can never kill a virus we can minimize the damage it does to our bodies by stopping its replication.

In addition to the lignans the Larrea plant produces flavanoids, which also have antiviral activity. The Larrea plant produces more than two-dozen of the 2,000 or so known flavonoids. What makes the Larrea plant such an effective antiviral is the combination of chemicals the plant produces.

On top of this, those same chemicals enable our cells to be stronger and therefore live longer.

Antioxidants in the Larrea Plant
Antioxidants are important because they help our bodies battle the toxic form of oxygen that is continually being made in our cells. On a cellular level antioxidants serve to deactivate certain particles commonly called free radicals.

Aging, cell degeneration and susceptibility to diseases are all linked to a build up of these oxidants in our cells, particularly, as we undergo stress or grow older. Also the antioxidants boost the cells of the immune system to function better in dealing with viruses and other types of infections.

On a weight basis, Larrea tridentata foliage contains more of the most powerful antioxidants than any other plant. It is thought that this extreme amount of antioxidants is what allows Larrea plants to survive, and even thrive, for well over 12,000 years in some of the most hostile real estate on this planet like Death Valley.

LarreaRx Safty

LarreaRx?products contain a patented, highly purified extract of Larrea tridentata, not the crude, unprocessed "chaparral" herb that many other products contain. We employ patented technologies that involve processing of Larrea tridentata extracts with natural, non-toxic antioxidants, such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), to reduce NDGA quinone and other oxidative compounds than might be present in some other Larrea tridentata extracts. As an additional precaution to further reduce the risk of metabolic conversion of NDGA to NDGA quinone during excretion in vivo , patented and proprietary formulations technologies specify adding additional antioxidant ingredients when formulating dietary supplements containing Larrea tridentata extract. In the case of LarreaRx'dietary supplement formulation, a five to one ratio of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to Larrea extract is used to prepare the finished products. This means that each capsule of dietary supplement contains 50 milligrams of proprietary Larrea extract and 250 milligrams of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The use of ascorbic acid and/or other antioxidants to supress the formation of quinone metabolites in vivo is well documented in pharmacology literature.

Formulations of LarreaRx patented Larrea extract were the subject of an independent scientific study conducted at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. This data shows that Larrea extract produced according to the patented processing methods is no more toxic to liver tissue than other generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food substances such as cinnamon oil and clove oil. Additionally, when the patented extract is formulated with a five-fold excess of ascorbic acid as is done in LarreaRx dietary supplement products, this mixture of larrea extract and ascorbic acid in a 5:1 ratio is substantially safer than cinnamon oil or clove oil. The results from this independent study, using a very advanced hepatotoxicity model, clearly show that Larrea processed and formulated according to LarreaRx'patented technology is extremely safe.

LarreaRx (Virox) Unique patented extraction method
The method used to extract the Larrea from the bush is a crucial element in the success of our products. Unlike most other Larrea based products we do not use the whole leaf in our formula. Our extraction method ensures that only the most valuable components of the plant are utilized and any undesirable elements are removed. This extraction method is your guarantee of purity, safety and consistency in the whole range of LarreaRx products.

Backed by 4 United States Patents no competition United States patent number: 5,837.252 - 5.945.106 - 6.004.559 - 6.039.955

Suggested Usage: 1 or 2 capsules daily, preferably betweenmeals, taken with a full glass of water or as directed by a qualified health professional.


Supplement Facts: Amount per serving:
Serving size:1 capsules
Servings per container: 60
Larreastat TM 50 mg
Vitamin C(ascorbic acid) 250mg

Other Ingredients:
sillica,dicalcium phosphate,magnesium stearae,calsium carbonate

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