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pH balanced Body Wash by Very Private

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pH balanced Body Wash

pH balanced Body Wash, Dermatologist Tested and Approved, 6 oz.

PH balanced, hypo-allergenic, fragrance free

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Brand: Very Private
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Very Private PH Balance Wash

The ultimate in safe and sensuous bodycare. Leaves your skin feeling ultimately clean and feminine. Silky and smooth to the touch, gentle for the most sensitive skin.

Best of all it contains a bacteria and fungal protection system so each time you wash it helps protect the sensitive intimate area against common vaginal irritations.

* Physician tested and recommended.
* PH balanced and hypoallergenic.
* Extra mild for sensitive skin.

The pH in the vaginal area is a natural protector against yeast infections.

1.The Very Private formula contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to help protect the health and integrity of a woman's intimate area.
Contains no fragrance, no allergens, no chemical colors, no plant or extraneous additives to interfere with the natural healthy vaginal environment.

2. Recommended during and after use of vaginal or urinary tract infection treatments, during and after vaginal and/or pelvic surgery.

3. Recommended for women suffering from vaginal dryness or from recurrent vaginal irritations.

Products that are not pH balanced such as scented soaps and body washes, scented bubble baths or douches, chemical colors, plant or vitamin additives can easily disturb the delicate balance or the natural pH on the skin or in the vaginal environment which often leads to vaginal irritations and infections.

Ingredients: Purified water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate, Nonoxynol-9, Panthenol, PEG-150 Distearate, Sodium PCA, Disodium EDTA, Hydrocyethylcellulose, Quaternium-15, Methylparaben, Vanillin

Usage: Squeeze a small amount (full teaspoon) into your hand or washcloth to cleanse overall body and intimate area.


"Dear Very Private, Thank you so very much for the Body Wash and Body Silk moisturizer lotion. Finally, something that helps with my skin problems. After the first week of use I noticed a difference. No more itching after my shower. I have been a patient at Kaiser hospital for the past 19 years. They always try to recommend something to wash with. They should try your products. Thank you again. Luyana"

"I used to have one yeast infection after another. My gynecologist suggested I use the Very Private Body Wash for my body and the intimate area.
It's like a miracle worker.
I haven't had a yeast infection in 8 months and my skin feels so silky. What's in this stuff? Stephanie"

"Dear Very Private: As a practicing gynecologist, I have used Very Private Intimate moisturizer and body wash with my patients for the past year and have been very pleased with the products.

Many women can't use estrogen because of the side effects, etc... That is where Very Private is a blessing. Also, most people don't know that the moisture is most needed on the outside between the vaginal lips and the entrance of the vagina.

The intimate moisturizer works much better than any vaginal lubricant on the market. It lasts longer and does not become gummy; in short, it is more like the bodies own natural lubrication. The body wash has worked well also being a gentle cleanser. In the many patients who have used the product, I have had no allergic reactions, or complaints - even in those with chronic allergic skin problems. In fact they all seem to be reordering more when their supply runs out.

In general, I have found the Very Private Moisturizer and Body Wash very helpful at many times in a woman's life when vaginal dryness is a big problem: after childbirth, after and around the menopause, while on the birth control pill, after many cancer treatments.

I have no problem highly recommending Very Private to other physicians and patients, It has been very helpful to me in my gynecologic practice.
Daryl Alexander, MD. Gynecologist

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