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Sonne's Intestinal Cleanser by Sonne's

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Sonne's Intestinal Cleanser

Sonne's Intestinal Cleanser, 10oz.

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Intestinal Cleanser Powder contains both the seed and husk of the highest quality psyllium which is ground to a fine mesh (powder). When mixed with water, our psyllium tends to gel better than the average variety. This product contains no cathartic ingredients or irritants to stimulate peristaltic action in the digestive tract. Psyllium is excellent in helping to remove old accumulated mucous feces and putrefactive toxins that may have become impacted in pockets of the colon. It should make bowel movements easier for people with colitis and hemorrhoids.

Intestinal Cleanser formula designed to remove old accumulated mucous feces, and putrefactive toxins that may become impacted in pockets of the colon. Helps remove debris accumulations from the colon.

There are no binders, fillers or flavors used, nor herbal agents to bring about peristaltic action.

Suggested Use: One heaping teaspoon of Intestinal Cleanser properly mixed in water or fruit juice upon arising, and at retiring, gives excellent results, especially if one or two tablespoons of Sonnet's #7 Detoxification is added to the mixture before shaking. This product tends to gel quickly when moistened. Place 1/2 to 1 inch of pineapple, orange, or fruit juice of your choice in the jar and add (in this order) an 8 oz. glass of water.lastly a heaping teaspoon of #9 Cleanser.Put cover on tight, and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds.

Caution: Psyllium or other bulking agents should be avoided in cases of bowel obstructions or perforations.

INGREDIENTS: Powdered psyllium seed and husks (Plantago Ovato Blond) with minute amounts of soy flour and magnesium trisilicate (U.S.P.) added.

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