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Fresh Wave Spray by Fresh Wave

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Fresh Wave Spray

Fresh Wave Spray, Odor Neutralizing Home Spray, 8 oz.

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Brand: Fresh Wave
Item #: FRW000019
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Add a little freshness wherever you need it! Fresh Wave spray is the go-anywhere odor neutralizer. Spritz to remove troublesome smells in any of room of your house, your car, boat, or RV, even fabrics.

Instead of masking the smell, Fresh Wave have a advanced technology to neutralizer odors.

How does Fresh Wave work?

Frsh Wave molecules enter the air. Each fresh wave molecules's surface film carries an electrostatic charge that attracts malodor particles. Ecosorb molecules remain airborne until they become saturated and fall to the ground, thus achieving 100% efficiency.

Why Fresh Wave?

Non-toxic and non-irritating, Fresh Wave neutralizes odors without relying on harmful chemicals. Instead, our products are made up of natural ingredients, so they’re safe to use around people and pets.

With harsh chemicals, masking fragrances and unknown fillers, you should be turning your nose up at the contents of traditional air fresheners. Ditch the aerosol can and experience the unmatched odor-eliminating power of Fresh Wave.

No matter where you find troublesome odors – your kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage or even boat or RV – you can find a Fresh Wave solution.

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