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Dong Quai Wild Yam by Oregon's Wild Harvest

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Dong Quai Wild Yam

Dong Quai Wild Yam, 90 Vegi Caps

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Dong Quai Wild Yam combination provides a holistic blend of the popular herbs that are commonly taken by women. Those women on a vegetarian diet are especially pleased to find a rare vegetarian encapsulated source of GLA (gamma Linolenic Acid) an important essential fatty acid.

This holistic combination of herbs nourishes and strengthens the female reproductive system. It helps to support hormonal balance and supports healthy female cycles.

  • GMO-Free
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free
  • Herb Identity Guaranteed

Chaste Tree berry is grown in Mediterranean countries and central Asia. It has a pepper-like aroma and flavor, and has been used in many traditional preparations to support female reproductive hormones. The Ancient Greeks reported chaste tree helpful in supporting female hormonal balance. The Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) wrote, "If blood flows from the womb, let the woman drink dark wine in which the leaves of the chaste tree have been steeped."

Chaste Tree is now the subject of several clinical trials. Preliminary results are supporting traditional use. In Germany chaste tree is considered a safe, effective, and economical and is accepted by,and widely used by gynecologists.

Dong Quai is considered the female "master herb" and has has been used throughout many eastern cultures as a long-term tonic. In Chinese medicine, Dong Quai is believed to work best in patients with a yin profile, and is considered to be a mildly warming herb. Dong Quai is thought to return the body to proper order by nourishing the blood and harmonizing vital energy. The name Dong Quai translates as "return to order" based on its alleged restorative properties. Dong Quai was introduced in the west by Chinese settlers in 1899.

Wild Yam is a vine-like herb is common to the Eastern United States. It originates from Mexico, where it has been used throughout history as a tonic for a variety of women's functions.

Aztecs and other Native Americans used this root for smooth muscle tissue support. It is currently used by women Borage Seed Oil's principal constituent of interest is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is responsible for most of the pharmacological effects. It is an essential fatty acid which is required by the diet as our bodies cannot make it themselves. Preliminary research studies have investigated GLA for the support of hormonal balance.

Ingredients: per 3 caps
chase tree berry 375 mg, Dong Quai 270 mg, Wild Yam 150 mg, Borage Seed Oil Powdwe3 270mg

Suggested Use: As an herbal supplement, take three capsules daily with or without food. For best results, take this product for at least two months.

Individuals taking anti-coagulant medication should consult their health care professional before taking Dong Quai. Do not exceed recommended dose unless under the guidance of a health care professional. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if pregnant. Not recommended while nursing, until further research verifies no contraindications. Discontinue if unusual symptoms occur.

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