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Water-Based Nail Polish Silver by Suncoat Products

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Water-Based Nail Polish Silver

Water-Based Nail Polish Silver, #14, 0.5 oz.

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Brand: Suncoat Products
Item #: SCO000149
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Welcome to Sun Coat's healthy and innovative water-based nail polish. It is the only long-lasting and quick-drying water-based nail polish product on the market.

Suncoat water-based nail polish contains ~70% water. When applied, water vapor is released in to the air, not chemical fumes. Thus Suncoat water-based nail polish is

  • environmentally friendly
  • does not dry or discolor nails
  • virtually odor-free
  • non-flammable
  • Phthalate free
  • FD & C dyes free

Sun Coat's Water Based Nail Polish Silver #14 is a light, pearly blue-silvery color. A real fashion statement! Vegan color.

National Award Winning Product

Sun Coat's water-based nail polish has been recognized and honored for the second consecutive year at the Canadian Health Food Association Expo, winning the Silver medals of Alive Awards of Excellence in 2004 and 2005.

Retailers from across Canada come together every year to the Canadian Natural Products Expo in Toronto , voting for the Alive Magazine Awards of Excellence. This award is truly representative the best of the best natural products.
Suggested use:
Apply at least 2 THIN coats to clean grease-free nails. Dry fully between coats. Apply Suncoat Clear TopCoat for an even longer lasting finish.

Aqua (water), acrylate copolymer, styrene-acrylate copolymer, Glycol ether, Benzoate ester, [+/- mica], [+/-iron oxide], [+/-titanium dioxide], +/-ultramarine blue], [+/-Ferric Ferrocyanide]

Why is Suncoats Water-based Nail Polish so much better?

Environmentally Friendly:

Conventional nail polish contains large amounts (typically around 70%) of chemical solvents such as toluene, acetates and alcohol. When nail polish is applied to nails, these solvents evaporate into the air, generating toxic chemical fumes; the well known and VERY offensive "chemical smell". This is why many people find it hard to breathe when using conventional nail polish: you are surrounding yourself with heavily polluted air, inhaling toluene, acetates etc.; chemical solvents.

In Suncoat water-based nail polish, all the chemical solvents are replaced by water. The major ingredient is water, not chemical solvents! So when Suncoat water-based nail polish is being applied, it is only water that evaporates to the air, not toxic chemical fumes.

Safer to Nails:

The chemical solvents in conventional nail polish, after repeated use, can discolor nails and make them brittle and weak. This is not an issue with water-based nail polish.

Not A Safety Hazard:

Since conventional nail polishes contain around 70% chemical solvents, they are highly flammable and explosive. They are often classified as dangerous goods. They are safety hazards for retail stores, salons and residential homes. They should be kept away from heat, open flames such as burning candles, etc. Water-based nail polish, on the other hand, is not considered dangerous goods, and is much safer to both store and use.

Other Benefits of Suncoat Water-based Nail Polish:

No Phthalate of Any Kind

Many conventional nail polishes contain a deadly chemical, namely, phthalate. Phthalate, such as dibutyl phthalate (DBP), has been proven by research studies to interfere with normal hormone balance, can cause severe birth defects and other health problems. Phthalate is a very effective and popular plasticizer that gives nail polish flexibility, and helps prevent polish from cracking. Phthalate is also a very low volatile chemical (meaning will not evaporate quickly). So after the polish is applied to nails, phthalate will stay on the nails with the polish, and can penetrate into our system, causing health problems.

Suncoat water-based nail polish is phthalate-free.


Many regular nail polishes have formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, used in preserving the formulation. Formaldehyde has been reported as a carcinogenic chemical.

How to Remove water-based Nail Polish:

Remove the polish weekly for easiest removal. Water-based nail polish can become hard-to-remove if left on the nail for extended time.

Remove WITH natural nail polish remover:

Suncoat natural nail polish remover is highly recommended. Dab the remover onto nails using a Q-tip / or a cotton ball. Allow at least 2 minutes for the remover to soften the polish. Then rub the nails using a Q-tip / or a cotton ball until the polish is fully removed. Rinse hands with water to remove residue. Repeat when necessary.

Remove WITHOUT natural nail polish remover (not recommended for weak and damaged nails):

Soak nails in hot water for at least 2 minutes, gently scrap off the polish using a fingernail.

Please do a small skin/nail patch test before wide spread use of our products. Consult your health care provider for further advice.


Keep from freezing.

Additional Information about Sun caot Nail polish

Nail Polish Application
Clean your nails:
In preparation for using Suncoat water-based nail polish, ensure that your nails are dry and free of grease, skin lotion, and dirt. Clean your nails with soap and water. Oil and skin lotion repel water-based polish, so they may significantly affect the polish’s durability.

No base coat needed: as Suncoat water-based nail polish will not stain your nails.

Apply multi-thin coats for long lasting effect, and to avoid streaking. Brush on lightly and evenly. Two coats, or more, are needed for a long-lasting finish. Allow the polish to dry between coats - 30 seconds, or more, depending on the humidity and temperature.

Can add one or 2 drops of water to the polish bottle if the polish is too thick. Shake well before use. Adding too much water can cause color separation.

Suncoat Crystal Clear Top Coat (color ID #23): is applied for a greater resistance to chipping and gives that extra professional touch to your manicure. It also enables the finish to last up to 2 - 3 days longer.

Avoid soaking your nails in hot water during the first couple of hours after the application. Normal showering and dishwashing is usually fine after one hour as long as the polish is not scratched. Ideally do not use very hot water on your nails for the first 4 hours after application. Although dry to the touch, the polish is still curing / drying throughout the day (or overnight if applied in the evening).

Some of the nail polish colors may not be as intense as they look in the bottle. This is partly because earth pigments, instead of FD&S dyes, are being used to color the nail polish. Apply a minimum of 2 thin coats and then additional thin coats to strengthen the color. French Manicure: Use Pearl White (#01) and French Pink (#12).
For a Vegan French Manicure use Pearl White (#01) and Innocent Nude (#27).

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