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Bitter Melon Ampalaya by Charantea

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Bitter Melon Ampalaya

Bitter Melon Ampalaya, 90 Caps

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Charantea is made from 100% dried whole Ampalaya [Bitter Melon] fruits, long used by Asian diabetics for its nutrional value and health benefits. Natural, safe and effective, Charantea helps fortify a low-fat, high-fiber diet recommended for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels*.

Key compounds in Charantea
Having preserved the Ampalaya’s natural potency, Charantea contains the herb’s key compounds that help maintain normal blood sugar levels. These include a polypeptide-p (a plant insulin similar to animal insulin), charantin (a steroid mixture) and vicine (a pyrimidine nucleoside). Researchers are looking into possible modes of action caused by the interplay of these compounds, including the following:

1. Increase in a efficacy of insulin to "Unlock" the cell so the blood sugar molecules can enter.
2.Increase insulin tolerance.
3.Increase insulin secretion in pancrease. The same 100% Bitter Melon ingredient as the tea in a more convenient vegetable capsule form, ideal for people on the go, in the office or on the road. Charantea Vegetable Capsules are vegetarian-friendly, with no animal by-products used.

Suggested Usage: Take 2 capsules after every meal, three times a day. With regular daily use, you can begin to see and feel the benefits in as little as two weeks to one month. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly to see the results!

What is Ampalaya(bitter melon)?

Commonly known in the USA as the Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia Linn.), the Ampalaya is both a nutritious vegetable and a traditionally trusted medicinal herb that grows abundant in many regions in Asia. Unlike most herbs, Ampalaya is commonly eaten as a dish, proof positive of its safety. With its quick growth and little need for attention, the Ampalaya plant has become ubiquitous in many rural backyards. The Ampalaya plant is a sturdy, creeping vine that loves the sun and welcomes the rain. For this reason, it is often used to adorn trellises for shade and foliage or to dress up a fence. During season, large yellow flowers add accent to this common vine, accompanying its much-cherished fruit.

How does it work?

Since as early as the 1940s, scientific research conducted in many countries has supported the traditional belief in the Ampalaya's health benefits.

Scientists have identified several key compounds found in the Ampalaya fruit such as charantin, vicine, peptides and polypeptide-p (a plant insulin). It is believed that the interplay of these compounds is what gives the herb its potency.

Although more studies are needed to completely unlock the secrets of this herb, this much researchers do agree on: taken regularly, the Ampalaya is an effective supplement to the low-fat, high-fiber diet recommended by doctors for maintaining a healthy sugar level.

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