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Ionic Silver Water by Ionic Silver Works

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Ionic Silver Water

Ionic Silver Water, 16 oz

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Health Works Ionic Silver has the smallest particle size, more active than other silver, not affected by light or freezing and safe and effective at 10ppm. Same as leading brand for half the price!

Ionic Colloidal Silver is non-toxic to animal and plant life, has no known side-effects and does not interfere with any known medications. It turns out that silver is very important to the immune system. It supports your T-cells in fighting foreign organisms - almost forming a second immune system!

Ionic silver water looks clear and tastes like water. If the water appears grey or yellow, then the particles are not ionic. Non-ionic particles have little if any charge and will soon fall to the bottom. Only ionic silver particles will remain in suspension and active for years, even after being frozen solid. Non-ionic particles are light and temperature sensitive and need to be stored in dark glass bottles. ionic Silver Works only produces ionic silver which is not affected by these extremes and can be stored in clear plastic bottles for many months, even years.

While many products are called "colloidal silver", only the ionic form is small enough to penetrate the cell wall which makes it much more effective. The silver ions do not accumulate in tissues but are rapidly expelled in a few hours. Persons with specific health issues should therefore drink or inhale small amounts of ionic silver water throughout the day to be effective. A solution of 5ppm of ionic silver is considered very safe for long term consumption by the EPA.

How Does ionic Silver Work?
Positively charged (ionic) silver changes the electrical potential or frequency of the cells. This positive charge acts as a catalyst to make oxygen available to the cells. Disease causing organisms cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment and simply die off and are eliminated. Silver also disables enzymes that pathogens use to reproduce.

Ionic silver solutions have demonstrated the ability to effectively kill hundreds of disease causing organisms. These include but are not limited to:
-Bacteria (typhoid, diphtheria, food poisoning and pneumonia)
-Viruses (common cold, all types of flu)
-Protozoa (malaria, giardia, amebic dysentery)
-Fungi (ring worm, thrush, candida, athletes foot)

Historical Use

Ancient people used silver vessels to keep liquids fresh. Wealthy people sucked on silver spoons to ward-off disease resulting in the term, "born with a silver spoon". Early pioneers placed silver dollars in milk and water to retard spoilage. Laboratory workers placed silver dimes in petri dishes to sterilize them.

Today, most of the world's air and cruise lines use silver-based water and air treatment systems. NASA uses it in the space shuttles. Thousands of swimming pool and hot tub owners around the world have switched to silver instead of chlorine to maintain their water. Imagine relaxing in a hot tub of healthy mineral water instead of caustic chlorine!

Suggested Usage:Drink a capful each day or one every hour if feeling sick.

Ionic Colloidal Silver - Many Uses:

  • Better health Your system is under constant attack from germs, viruses and bacteria. Silver helps eliminates these threats by assisting your immune system.

  • Feeling sick? Drink a capful hourly.

  • Brush teeth Helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Save on expensive dental bills. Keeps tooth brush clean and sanitary.

  • Sunburn, burns Spray frequently to ease pain and prevent infection.

  • Eye or ear Drop into affected area several times per day.

  • Dandruff Mix into shampoo and conditioner. Spray on wet hair after showering. Helps keep shower floor free of pathogens. Spray directly on athlete’s foot.

  • Diaper rash Spray baby and diaper. Add ½ capful to baby bottle.

  • Cuts and scratches Cover area with bandage and keep wet with silver water.

  • Acne Spray on skin 3x day or soak cloth in silver and hold to face while watching TV.

  • Food leftovers Add to milk and leftovers. Mix into foods as you prepare them.

  • In “bad” water Mix one ounce per 5 gallons and wait 10 min. before drinking.

  • Pets Add to drinking water.

  • Spray items Spray on children toys, mittens, kitchen-bathroom, dish rag, cutting board, door knobs, TV remote. Silver ions remain effective long after the water has evaporated!

  • Travel Spray on airplane, rental car, telephone, TV remote, bathroom, etc.

  • Hot Tub ½ cup per week bathes you in silver ions.

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