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ItchAide by Ziva ItchAide

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ItchAide, Skin Soothing Stick, 0.62 oz (17 grams)

Fast Acting Fresh Scent

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Brand: Ziva ItchAide
Item #: ZIV001011
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ItchAide is one-of-a-kind; highly effective; 'Grab N Go'skin soothing stick. Think of it as the next 'lip balm' for skin. This stylish product packs into its unique, patent pending formula 7 essential oils in a base of beeswax. It smells great and soothes itchy, irritated skin on contact. Customers who love using ItchAide include outdoor enthusiasts, busy moms, golfers, travelers and anyone suffering with itchy, dry or chapped skin! A must have in every emergency kit, purse, backpack, and car.

ItchAide™ was designed for your busy lifestyle and for outdoor enthusiasts; we wanted to make sure that you are able to carry it with you everywhere. ItchAide™ will soften at about 85F degrees and can melt at higher temperatures. The packaging is designed to keep it sealed at all times but we do not recommend exposing it to extreme conditions. If this does happen, keep the cap on, stick it in cool water, ice or in a cool place for a few minutes, and it will easily retain its shape.

The active ingredients in ItchAide™ are 7 essential oils and beeswax: *Clove * Eucalyptus *Tea Tree * Camphor *Lavender * Peppermint *Chamomile, with Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E Oil. To learn more about these essential oils, you can resource essential oils books authored by: Yes, one of our testers used the stick on roscea and it irritated his skin. Roscea is not a minor skin irritation but a disorder of the capillaries, so ItchAide™ is NOT recommended if you have that condition.

If you have allergies to bee products and/or plant oils do not use this product. Do not use ItchAide™ on open sores or wounds, stay away from the eye area and do not use on rosacea. If skin irritation persists after 7 days stop using this product and consult a physician.

Benefits Natural, Vegetarian, Fast Acting; Fresh, clean, great scent; Easy to use and carry, no mess no clean-up; A skin saver during bug bite season; Gentle Glide-On stick; Works great on rashes, dry, chapped and itchy skin; Kids love it

Suggested Usage

Gently glide the stick over the irritated part of your skin. Apply 3 to 4 times daily or as necessary.


Beeswax, grape seed oil, and Eitamin E plus 7 essential oils: clove; camphor, lavender; eucalyptus; chamomile; peppermint; and tea tree. We use the finest, top quality, pure essential oils. The ingredients are not genetically engineered, fully biodegradable, PARABEN FREE, PETROLEUM FREE and PHTHALATE FREE. We use NO artificial preservatives, color, fragrances or animal by-products. ItchAide has NOT been animal tested.

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