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PureAyre Home Odor Eliminator by PureAyre

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PureAyre Home Odor Eliminator

PureAyre Home Odor Eliminator, Travel Size, 4 oz.

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Brand: PureAyre
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Home/Car PureAyre, Travel Size (Great for Cars, Bags, Purses & Gifts)

When you spray PureAyre in the air or on surfaces powerful enzymes break apart the molecular bonds of odor-causing compounds to eliminate both odors and harmful contaminants. Smells are permanently removed when the molecular bonds are broken. Biotechnology has made it possible for us to bottle a potent combination of plant-derived enzymes without the use of chemicals or alcohol. Easily eliminate any odor including strong odors like cat urine, smoke, skunk and cooking smells.

PureAyre is the only food-grade odor eliminator available. That means that PureAyre is the safest and surest way to get rid of disgusting smells, even around food, and on people and pets. You can control the smells in your environment while being friendly to your environment. PureAyre is made from plant-derived enzymes, purified water and essential oils. It eliminates odors and cleans the air so you can breathe easier.

PureAyre is so safe yet so strong that you can use it throughout the house to get rid of odors:

  • In living areas for cigarette smoke
  • On and around pets and animals
  • In the kitchen for cooking odors, garbage pails, compost buckets and disposals
  • In the bathroom for quick relief and for permanent odor elimination
  • In the nursery after a diaper change
  • When painting or using other toxic substances, to eliminate the odor and the dangerous fumes.
  • On mold and mildew odors
  • In the garage for gasoline odors, car exhaust or chemical smells
  • For sprucing up the house before a dinner party
  • On your clothes

You can also use PureAyre after cleaning so that your house smells as clean as it looks. This is particularly useful if you have pets and you don't want your home to smell like them.

Eliminate odors outside the home PureAyre is also handy outside the home to eliminate odors:

  • In the car on seats and carpets for cigarette smoke or exhaust odors
  • While traveling in rental cars, hotels and public restrooms
  • At work where you have less control over your environment
  • On your clothes after being in a smoky room
  • In dorm rooms and apartments
  • While camping for the infamous outhouse
  • On sports equipment and gym lockers
  • On your boat or yacht

PureAyre is also powerful enough to eliminate odors in industrial and commercial situations like hotels, apartments, elder care facilities and more.

Directions: safe on all surfaces! Use "spray" setting for air, Fabrics, etc. Use "stream" setting (do not pour) to penetrate deep into crevices, carpets, or foam padding. for odors on hard surfaces, use liberally and scrub to penetrate deeply. For stains, stream into stained area and scrub lightly with a cloth or stiff brush. For laundary, add a few ounces to wash cycle. to freshen carpet and upholstery, add 12 ounces to 1 gallon of water and soap olution to machine. No rining necessary.If odor persists, PureAyre has not contacted all affected areas. Repeat.

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