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Bee-4-All by Nature Tech

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Bee-4-All, All Natural, 120 Caps

Royal Jelly & Honey Caplets

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Brand: Nature Tech
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Also available in 60 capsules

BEE 4 ALL is a mixture of four very powerful bee hive ingredients that work together to improve performance for young and old alike.

Bee 4 All is an all natural food supplement that contains all four important bee hive gifts in each caplet: Bee Pollen (1000 mg), Propolis (300 mg), Royal Jelly (200 mg), and Honey (100 mg.)

Best of all, Bee 4 All is manufactured under pharmaceutical contitions using cold filtered process that ensures a good quality and long shelf life. Its nutrients are capable of sustaining life and increasing energy, strength, and endurance. When taken on a daily basis, Bee-4-All contains enough of the four natural bee foods to help your body prevent illness.

Suggested Use:Chew or Swallow 2 Caplets 2 times per day.

You can feel great by eating what the bees eat! It's the most perfect food supplement that money can buy. Unsolicited letters indicate that people of all ages and all walks of life purchase and benefit from BEE-4-ALL.


BEE POLLEN Pollen is known as nature's miracle food. Bee pollen is one of the world's oldest youth foods. It is now being recognized by scientists throughout the world as a substance that can help promote youthful feeling, build resistance to ailments, help boost healing powers and provide dynamic energy. Bee pollen is the ultrafine powder that makes up the male element of a flower. Bees gather this pollen in microscopic amounts and bring it into the hive for food. By instinct and nature, bees collect only the most nutritive and healthy pollens. Bee pollen has B complex vitamins and also vitamins A, C, D and E. Pollen contains very important enzymes for the human organism; which takes part as biological catalysts. (500 mg. per caplet)

PROPOLIS Bee propolis is a resinous material, gathered by bees from the leaf buds and bark of trees, especially poplars. This substance has been around for at least 45 million years, and has recently been "rediscovered" for its healing properties. Propolis begins with a sticky substance from trees. The bees use this propolis as glue to seal up any holes or cracks in the hives. For the hive, propolis not only acts a glue but also as a preservative for the hive. For us humans, propolis may act as is a remarkable antibiotic that helps fight disease reactions within the body. It is said to even helps control runaway cell breakdown. Propolis contains approximately 55 percent resins and balms, 30 percent wax, 10 percent etheric oils and 5 percent pollen. These basic ingredients have dynamic bacteria-destroying power. (150 mg. per caplet)

ROYAL JELLY Royal jelly is a white, milky substance produced in the glands of worker honey bees to feed the queen bee. All larvae receive this royal jelly or bees' milk for the first three days of their lives. This bees' milk is a concentrated super food responsible for turning an ordinary worker bee into a long-lived reproductive dynamo-the queen bee. It is her only food. The queen bee grows 40 to 60% larger than the worker bees and lives five or more years. Royal jelly contains all of the B-complex vitamins, including a high concentration of B5 and B6. Royal jelly also contains minerals, vitamins A, C, D and E, enzymes, hormones, amino acids, and antibacterial and antibiotic components. This food from the hive has been cheered for its rejuvenating and potential healing properties. It is believed that royal jelly has certain elements that extend more than life and youth and this belief is traced to the queen bee's existence. When combined with raw honey, propolis, and pollen, it retains its natural potency. (100 mg. per caplet)

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