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Seabuck 7 by Mango-Xan

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Seabuck 7

Seabuck 7, Rejuvenation Formula, 33.8 fl oz./ 1 Liters

Sea Buckthorn Juice

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Genesis Today Sea Buckthorn 100 juice 32 oz. is available. Please click here to order.

Introducing Seabuck•7™, an optimized whole fruit blend of purees and juices from Pure Fruit Technologies featuring the legendary seabuckthorn berry. Drink just an ounce a day for better health.

An ancient Tibetan medicinal text devotes 30 of its 158 chapters to seabuckthorn, referring to its capacity to strengthen the spleen and promote blood circulation. Which, simply means this super-fruit enhances immune activity, gets the body working and rejuvenates mind and body.

Made from the whole fruit of the seabuckthorn, and artfully blended with a symphony of other healthful juices, Seabuck•7™ is the ultimate balancing, rejuvenating tonic.

What makes the seabuckthorn so holy?

The seabuckthorn berry is no ordinary fruit. Scientists have discovered that packed inside her humble exterior are more than 190 bio-active substances.

Phytophenols : Naturally powerful antioxidants, phytophenols keep plants healthy. Berries, such as seabuckthorn, are known to be excellent sources of phytophenols.

Carotenoids: Within the seabuckthorn is another class of antioxidants called carotenoids—including beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lycopene—that further tame unruly free radicals.*

Amino acids: The tart little berry also contains amino acids—the building blocks of protein that provide structure to all body tissues.*

Essential fatty acids: The only fruit in the world considered a rich source of essential fatty acids, seabuckthorn has an optimal 1:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Plus, she contains the rare palmitoleic fatty acid (omega 7) which contributes to healthy membranes and smooth, glowing skin.*

Vitamins & minerals: Who knew so many vitamins could fit into one berry? Seabuckthorn’s got seven, including C, A, B-1, B-2, E, folic acid and B-12—plus an array of minerals.

Phytosterols Perhaps most impressive in her list of nutritional credentials is the seabuckthorn berry’s naturally occurring phytosterols—plant constituents that support a healthy cardiovascular system.*

What is Sea Buckthorn Berry?

High in the mountains of China, where earth meets sky, grows a small pungent berry with an orange hue and a scent like pineapple. Revered as a “holy fruit,” seabuckthorn berries were prized by Chinese emperors for their restorative benefits.*

A key player in traditional Chinese medicine, the seabuckthorn berry is as important today as she was centuries ago. In 1977, the fruit was incorporated into the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. In 1988, seabuckthorn sports drinks were designated the official beverage of Chinese athletes at the Seoul Olympic Games.

Popular as she is, the little orange berry is no easy find. In her Chinese home, she nearly always grows 10,000 feet above the sea, in an environment of extreme temperatures, monsoons, snowstorms and whipping winds. But that didn’t stop us.

Suggested use:because Seabuck-7 is a natural product it is normal for contents to settle and seperate. Shake well before using. Enjoy 1-3 fl oz daily. Refrigerate after opening. Use within 60 days of opening.


Ingredientsseabuckthorn puree, apple juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, rosehip puree, ginger puree, luo han guo juice, cranberry juice concentrate, red sour cherry juice concentrate, grape seed extract.


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