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Nasaline Nasal Irrigation System by Tao Of Herbs

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Nasaline Nasal Irrigation System

Nasaline Nasal Irrigation System, 1 Applicator

with Patented Silicone Tip

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Nasaline is a unique, patented, drug-free nasal irrigation system designed by a team of Swedish ear, nose, and throat specialists. With the simple use of saline solution, Nasaline® effectively washes away unwanted mucous, crusty secretions or allergens and provides relief from symptoms associated with allergies, colds, or the flu. After a prolonged stay in dry, dusty, or smoky environments, Nasaline® cleans and soothes the nasal passages, reducing nasal irritation and moistening the mucous membranes.

The patented silicone tip is designed to fit snugly in most adult nostrils. The tip produces a gentle swirl stream when the saline solution enters the nose washing away harmful, irritating particles. Simply fill the Nasaline syringe with saline solution and experience drug-free relief from everyday nasal and sinus ailments.

Suggested Usage: Heat up fresh clean tap water or use warm water directly from the tap. The water temperature should be at body temperature and feel comfortable to the touch. Mix one (1) teaspoon of salt into approximately two (2) cups of water. Stir to dissolve the salt. If you feel a light stinging feeling in your nose when you flush, you may be adding too much or too little salt. If you are planning to use Nasaline for an extended period of time, we recommend using non-iodized salt which can be bought in any supermarket.

Extract the saline solution completely into the syringe.

Stand slightly bent over a bathroom sink or washbasin. Place the silicone tip up against the nose so that it completely seals the nostril. Slowly push the saline solution up into the nostril. Breathe normally through the mouth and refrain from swallowing.

When the saline solution res the back of the nasal cavity, the palate closes automatically by reflex. The saline solution fills the nasal cavity and proceeds to pour out the other nostril as it brings along unwanted mucous and crusty secretions. Occasionally, some of the saline solution can trickle down the throat. This is not harmful. A proper flushing should take about 10 seconds per nostril.

Repeat the process with the other nostril.

Use a tissue to blow out any excess saline solution in your nose. Some of the saline solution can remain in the nose and trickle out a few hours later. Tilting your head forward and turn side to side immediately after flushing can prevent this. If you are severely congested, the saline solution can r the sinus channels and can occasionally drip out of the eyes. This is not harmful and can be prevented by flushing more slowly.

Use one full syringe (2 oz.) for in nostril in the morning and in the evening or at any time as necessary.

Pull out the piston from the syringe and flush both parts thoroughly with hot water and let air-dry. Nasaline can also be cleaned with a mild dishwashing detergent. If the plunger does not easily slide back into the chamber, put a drop of cooking oil on the black tip.

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