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Aloe Life Stomach Plus by Aloe Life

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Aloe Life Stomach Plus

Aloe Life Stomach Plus, 16 oz.

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Brand: Aloe Life
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Stomach Plus Formula has provided relief from Reflux, Gastritis, Nausea and Upset Stomach. Great for morning sickness during pregnancy! This very soothing formula helps to rebalance stomach acids calming the intestinal tract naturally and is more effective than other stomach formula's because Aloe Life chooses the most effective herbs used by herbalists for centuries. The quality WL Aloe Vera Juice carries the herbs deep down into the tissues for fast relief.

Note: For best indigestion relief avoid irritants in your diet and include an abundance of green and orange vegetables daily as tolerated and include a quality calcium and magnesium supplement as appropriate for your age.

Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice #5-215-365(F 97%)Peppermint Extract (F1:1.5a), Chamomile Extract (D :55a), Ginger Extract(D 1:4.5a), Goldenseal Extract(D 1:5.5a)Ginger EXtract (D 1:15.5a), Meadosweet Extract(D 1:5.5a, sweet Cinnamon extract(F 1:1a), wild yam Extract (D 1:5.5a), Stevia, Food grade preservatives - Sodium Benzonate& Potassium Sorbate. No Water or Sulfites Added.

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