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Kava King Natural Berry Flavor by Kava King

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Kava King Natural Berry Flavor

Kava King Natural Berry Flavor, Natural Kava Drink, 3.5oz

Loose Tea

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Brand: Kava King
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Kava King's instant drink mixes are made from 100% ground kava root from the Pacific Islands, keeping the plant's built-in safeguards, synergies, and the vital active ingredients, the kavalactones. For many, kava helps calm nerves, relax muscles, lift spirits and promote sociability. Natural relaxation that helps ease stress - no need for alcohol or sedatives, Kava King products help deliver a pleasant peaceful feeling almost instantly.

Made with 100% organically grown lateral kava root. Natural Berry flavor. Stevia Leaf Extract.

Suggested Usage:
1.In a shaker or blender add 1 teaspoon of Kava King to your drink of choice. Sweeten to taste. Sugar is often added to minimize the peppery/earthy taste.
2.Blend thoroughly. Drink quickly to avoid setting.
3.Do not use with any type of alcoholic beverage.
All natural-no preservatives.
NoN narcotic-not an extract.

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