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Pure IGF Liquid by Pure Solutions

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Pure IGF Liquid

Pure IGF Liquid, 1 oz.

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Pure IGF contains a concentrated source of the growth factor matrix found in New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler. This matrix of growth factors contains as many as 13 different growth factors as well as the many co-factors necessary to assist each growth factor with their specific function. Each of the biological ingredients that make up this natural matrix must be properly balanced and supplied to our body in the ratio that nature intended. The careful extraction of the proteins found in New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler results in a naturally balanced matrix of growth factors and co-factors as only nature can provide.

This is the production of vitality promoting Growth Factors. These Growth Factors play vital roles in: Aging, Immune Support, Bone Density, Joint/Connective Tissue, Endurance, Recovery, Fat Loss, Repair, Muscle Growth/Support, Libido/Sexual Function, Stress Reduction, Energy.


Pure IGF 5mg

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, 39% v/v USP Alcohol.

Free of wheat, gluten, soy, corn, yeast, fish, egg, dairy, and lactose.


As a dietary supplement: take one tablet and hold in mouth under tongue until it disolves. For best results, use in the morning or on an empty stomach.

Quality Of Pure IGF By Pure Solutions:

Pure Solutions Pure IGF only contains growth factors extracted from New Zealand Velvet Antler.

New Zealand Velvet Antler is considered the premier source of velvet antler products in the world.The New Zealand Game Industry Board is first - class with regards to its regulation of its farmlands and farming practices.The Product of New Zealand Label is the only assurance that Velvet Antler products are free of pesticides, and Hormones.

New Zealand farmers are stringently regulated by New Zealand Government's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The New Zealand government has strict laws to keep their pastures and farmlands fresh and green in an all natural environment. New Zealands strict agricultural regulations are why their countries products have become so popular in the natural products industry. Additionally AgResearch is the New Zealand owned research facility that has divisions dedicated to the research and development of velvet antler. In New Zealand, where the majority of velvet deer antler is harvested, the velveting process has received the endorsement of farmers, veterinarians, animal behaviorists, animal welfarist, and government agencies. Together they have developed a velveting code to ensure that elk and deer are velveted humanely. Velveting involves restraing the stag so the local anesthetics to be administered and for the velvet to be removed. At the time of removal, usually in late spring, the antler is mainly formed of cartilage and has a well supplied blood vessel network. Stags will grow new antler every year. The New Zealand code of velveting emphasizes a reduction of stress in deer and elk through correct mustering and handling procedures and velvet removal techniques to prevent injury, stress, or pain. Stags are given vitamins, special feed, regular veterinary care, and protected from natural predators to allow them to thrive and propagate.

History Of Using Deer Antler Velvet

Perhaps more than any other type of medicine, oriental medicine is shrouded in mystery and ancient beliefs. Yet, it has been keeping Asians well for over 10,000 years and fundemental to its practice is the use of velvet antler. Philosophically, the basis of ancient oriental medicine revolves around two cosmic forces known as Yin and Yang. These cosmic forces are said to control all natural phenomena and life processes. Both of these forces tend to produce an ideal state within the body and, of course, even within the universe, providing they are in balance and in harmony.

Traditional oriental medicine is designed to keep these two forces in balance and in doing so prevents ill health, which is said to be the result of severe imbalance. While this is certainly simplistic and perhaps unscientific approach to disease and medicine, it is interesting to note that many of the herb and animal products used in oriental medicine have recently been discovered to have potent healing and immune stimulating properties. The most important animal in oriental medicine is the deer or elk because it is this animal that has the greatest Yang energy. Wouldn't you know, the most prized part of the deer is the antler velvet.

Pure IGF Testimonials

: I am a 66 year old female who started taking Pure IGF in April 2002. In December 2002 I started using the IGF Extreme. I wanted to tell you how GREAT IGF is. I have lost 70 pounds, went from a size 22 to a size 12. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago. I have regained muscle, my stress level has greatly improved, and my endurance is remarkable. What a wonderful product, I shall continue to use IGF and just maybe I"ll live to be 100.
Thanks for giving me a life back.
June Ellison

My personal experience with the IGF Extreme has been phenominal. It was recommended to me by various clients and I began to take it upon first shipment. Without dieting I noticed I was getting leaner in less than a week. And it gives energy without any jitters; it's like a sense of well-being. After taking it for about 3 months I took 1 month off because I like to cycle my products. I began to take it again 2 weeks ago when I started my dieting and training for the 2004 Fitness Calander. Regardless of how I eat the product keeps me lean, and also gives me great strength. I believe any woman who slightly works out should use the Extreme. It is much more potent than the original formula. I am only 25 and it has increased my female stamina. I thought that was funny because I never thought I had a problem before =) You guys developed an OUTSTANDING product!
Kathy Garrote

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