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UTI Home Scan by TestMedica

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UTI Home Scan

UTI Home Scan, Urinary tract infection, 5 Tests

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TestMedica UTI Home Scan Tests are a quick and easy way to check for specific parameters in the urine. The detection of these parameters and their levels may be indicative of an abnormality or an infection.

TestMedica UTI Home Scan Test checks for nitrite in the urine, which usually indicates a urinary tract infection(UTI). UTI are caused by bacteria that invade the urinary system and multiply, leading to an infection. Women are affected more than men, although men and children can get UTI.

TestMedica UTI Home Scan Test is accurate over 99% when used as directed, and quick and easy. Just dip in urine and read results. Each package contains 2tests, except UTI which contains 5 tests.

Suggested Usage: Just dip in urine and read results.

TestMedica Urinary Tract Infection Home Scan is For In Vitro diagnostic use only. (Not for internal use.)Do not reuse the test strip.If you get unexpected results, check with your doctor.

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