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Allimax Spray by Allimax

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Allimax Spray

Allimax Spray, 30ml / 1 oz.

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Brand: Allimax
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Allimax Spray contains 300 parts per million of allicin.

Suggested Usage: Spraying internally or externally as often as required. 1-4 sprays per day for maximum health benefit.Once open kept in in refrigerator.

Ingredients: aqua,allicin liquidum,peppermint aroma.chemical free.No additives or preservatives.

How To Use Allimax Spray?

Your Mouth
Allimax� Spray can be used for bad breath, gum disease, sore throats, colds & flu, sinusitis, cough and bronchial conditions, dandruff, warts and head lice. Allimax� capsules were proven to relieve cold virus in 1.5 days as published in (Advances in Natural Therapies Vol 18 # 4 July/Aug 2001). This was a� human, clinical, double blinded placebo trial conducted on 140 patients.� Allimax� has proven effective against cadida albicans (candidiasis), H pylori� and ringworm.

For a fungal nail infection or athlete’s foot apply the spray liquid twice daily to the affected area. The liquid is safe and easy to apply. It is recommended to also take 1 to 3 Allimax� capsules internally at the same time.� Just three sprays per day are needed to resolve these troublesome conditions. It is also recommended to let feet have access to air and be uncovered if possible.

Your hands and finger nails
Fungal infections are very common on the finger-nails, usually shown by tiny black or white spots which in time may get bigger and if not treated and may lead to a split or cracked nail that can eventually be lost. Allimax� Spray Liquid, applied twice daily by spraying over the nail surface can normally resolve this within 4-8 weeks.

Additional Information and Article about Allimax:

Peter Josling is Director of The Garlic Information Centre based in Sussex, England. The Centre was established in 1993 to provide an advisory service on garlic's culinary and medicinal benefits, for the medical profession, press and general public. Peter is involved in academic and clinical research projects and writes and publishes extensively about the numerous applications of garlic and good quality garlic supplements. His most recent work has involved the formulation of a new type of supplement using garlic's active agent "allicin" and his most recent published data has shown how to prevent and treat the common cold using an allicin containing supplement.

Peter's double blind placebo controlled study has recently been published in the peer reviewed American journal "Alternatives in Therapy"

Research suggests that your daily diet could benefit from adding a high-quality nutraceuticle designed to help maintain a healthy natural defense system. The use of allicin, the primary active agent generated by garlic, for general well being is on the increase and its role as an antioxidant has been widely investigated.

British scientists have developed a proprietary process through which the naturally occurring allicin in garlic is extracted, stabilized and concentrated. The end result is the extremely potent and effective product: AlliMAX?

AlliMAX is a nutraceutical with a difference as it is the only one to provide the body with a guaranteed 100% yield of pure stabilized allicin extract. A sophisticated, patented extraction process produces pure allicin and locks all its goodness into convenient one-a-day capsules, cream or liquid designed to make sure that it is rapidly absorbed into your body.

Therefore, the supplements rely on the human stomach to convert some of the remaining garlic components into allicin. Although a few garlic powder supplements are able to generate some allicin within the stomach, the amount converted, if any is converted at all, is dependant upon optimal stomach conditions. The process not only is unreliable, it can take several hours, and it also can lead to unwanted garlic odor.

Garlic oil and powder supplements are produced by distilling fresh garlic, and then diluting it with other substances. This process destroys the majority of allicin in garlic.

Articles: BBC NEWS - Garlic 'beats hospital superbug'

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