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Blood Pressure Herb Tea by Health King

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Blood Pressure Herb Tea

Blood Pressure Herb Tea, 20 tea bags

2g - 20 tea bags / box

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Blood Pressure Balance & Healthy Heart�

With an excellent natural flavor, this herb tea is made of wild apocynum venetum grown in a pollution-free area in northwest China, with a few other precious herbs. Apocynum is an important cardiotonic herb in Traditional Chinese herbalism to support healthy blood pressure and heart functions.�

Ingredients: apocynum venetum, salvia root, red peony root, mulberry leaf, magnolia bark, solomon seal, scrophularia root, tender green tea leaf and jasmine flower

CAUTION: should not be used with low blood pressure.

Suggested Usage: For hot tea, steep in hot water for 3-5 minutes. For ice tea, steep in hot water and refrigerate. Use 2-4 bags a day.

Health King herb tea series is the first full range of medicinal teas based upon traditional Chinese medicine.  All herb teas are designed as regular drink, hot tea or iced-tea. Most of them are made with high quality green tea and jasmine flower.

”Dear Sirs, I have been taking medication for high blood pressure for the last 6 years. Recently I tried your Blood Pressure Herb Tea after running out of my current medication. Within two days of taking your product I have reduced my blood pressure by 35 points. I have now been taking your herbal tea for over 30 days and feel wonderful. My energy level is back and I do not feel tired by the end of the day. I consulted with my doctor regarding lack of energy when taking the prescribed dedication for high blood pressure. He informed me that this does happen sometimes and would have to accept this trade off. I am recommending this wonderful product to my friends and have already given samples to my relatives. Thank you for providing me with this great product. Sincerely - Ralph E. Hopkins?

”I am delighted with the Apocynum HBP(now Blood Pressure Herb Tea) tea. My pressure was at one point 150/90. After taking just one cup of the HBP tea daily for about a week, the pressure steadily decreased. Later it eventually reached a low of 120/70. When I combine healthful eating with the Apocyunum Tea my pressure remains within the normal limits (130 or less/70) without the use of any other methods.I am a very satisfied customer?- Gloria Makowsky, 11/16/99

”…..I have an acquaintance who has blood pressure about 220/160. His doctors put him on several medications, but it was hard to control it. I gave him the Blood Pressure Tea and he began drinking it. Now his blood pressure is 160/95…” - Tom Haikin, Co-owner, A Body of Health, California

”I have been using the (High) Blood Pressure (HBP) tea distributed and made by Health King Inc. for about six months, My blood pressure had been elevated and my doctor was concerned enough to place me temporarily on medication. I started drinking the tea on a regular basis along with cayenne capsules and garlic and my blood pressure came down 17 points the first week. I have not had any serious problems since. I have also not experienced any side-effects. Sincerely,?- Jan House, Assoc. Manage, Natural Resources

�These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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