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Green Tea by HK

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Green Tea

Green Tea, 20 tea bags in plastic bag

This is the freshest green tea you can get!

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Brand: Distributed by Health King
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A cup of tea has half or less the amount of caffeine that is found in a cup of coffee. This wonderful herb that originated in China and widely used as a healthy drink in Asia for thousands of year, became one of the most important commodities that was the motivation of many adventures of sea -faring Europeans. Unfortunately in the nerve- breaking capital formation period that was to follow, people needed a stronger stimulant than tea . So coffee came to the stage to play its role. Now since coffee drinking has reached its limit, people are going back to tea!

Medical value of tea was recognized a long time ago. It was used as a elixir by ancient Chinese, it was often prepared as a vegetable fried or stewed together with other vegetables, and when it was introduced to Europe, people of Holland considered it a divine herb, a panacea. Health benefit of tea is proverbial. Recently scientists at Shanghai Institute of Science found that green tea had reduced the risk for nondrinkers and nonsmokers up to 60 percent. The Los Angeles Times reported, "polyphenols and other substances in the green tea show an inhibiting effect against cancer of the stomach, liver, skin and lung," and that "the tea's effect may be general, offering protection against other forms of disease, helps lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar, kills decay-causing bacteria and blocks the action of many carcinogens."

This tea is imported directly from the garden in Yunnan, China.

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