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Our Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas are strictly selected and represent the highest quality of such products on the market today.

Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group, Inc. is proud to present the Balanceuticals formula line. These formulas made under the supervision of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest research institution of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), are the fine result of rich Chinese medical experience with modern scientific research. Every formula is based upon proven formula that has been used for thousands of years, and every one is backed up with solid research and clinical trials.

The three-color scheme represented by green, blue and orange red labels signifies the nature of the formula. Green indicates that the formula is good for long-term use, orange red means use only when you need it, while blue is somewhere in between.

Acne & Skin Formula Kidney Support Formula
Aging Support Formula Liver Support Formula
Blood Circulation Formula Lung & Throat Support
Blood Pressure Formula Male Fertility Formula
Bone & Joint Formula Male Libido Formula
Cholesterol Formula Mammary Support Formula
Cleansing Formula Menopause Formula
Diabetes Support Formula Pain Formula
Digestive Health Formula Prostate Formula
Eye & Ear Formula Sleep Aid Formula
Female Fertility Formula Stress Relief Formula
Female Libido Formula Trauma Formula
Hair Loss Formula Tumor & Cancer Formula
Heart Support Formula Uterus Support Formula
Immunity Formula Weight Loss Formula
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Ovary & Uterus Clean Ovary & Uterus Clean by Balanceuticals, 60 capsules
Ovary & Uterus Clean is used in Chinese medicine for its blood circulation promoting, stasis dispersing, internal secretion and hormone regulating properties.  > read more...

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Rehmannia Endurance™, 637 mg Rehmannia Endurance™, 637 mg by Planetary Formulas, 75 tabs
Planetary Formulas Rehmannia Endurance is based on the classic Chinese tonifier Rehmannia Six (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan), one of the most strengthening tonics of Chinese herbalism.  > read more...

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Shen Min® Advanced Women's Formula Shen Min® Advanced Women's Formula by Shen Min, 60 Tablets
Shen Min For Women combines herbs and nutrients to boost hair growth, stimulate hair follicles, and encourage an improvement in nail and skin health.   > read more...

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Shen Min® For Men Shen Min® For Men by Shen Min, Advanced Formula, 60 Tablets
Advanced Shen Min for Men contains nutrients to strengthen and thicken hair, enhance follicle health and improve hair vitality.  > read more...

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Slim Trimmer Slim Trimmer by Balanceuticals, TCM Formula for Weight Loss - 100% Natural, 60 Caps
To help reject unnecessary fat absorption from food through bowel movements, and facilitate burning of fat in the body, maintaining healthy blood fat level while keep the person energetic and strong.  > read more...

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Solid Bone Solid Bone by Balanceuticals, Luma Zhuanggu, 60 Caps
Solid Bone is good for bone and muscle strengthening and blood nourishing.  > read more...

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Spermarize Spermarize by Balanceuticals, Male Fertility Improved Formula, 60 Tablets/500mg
For male potency and fertility, against premature ejaculation and fatigue.Concentrated-only need 3 Tabs per time   > read more...

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The Chinese Materia Medica The Chinese Materia Medica by Balanceuticals
A Key to Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine  >

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Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine by Balanceuticals
Internal Medicine is a discipline to systematically deal with the internal diseases by using principle of diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition under the guidance of TCM theory.  > read more...

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Uterus Care Uterus Care by Balanceuticals, TCM Formula - 100% Natural, 60 Caps
To tonify the kidney and control the Yin, enhance excitability and tension of the uterus smooth muscles, promote regular contraction of the uterus, maintain normal blood flow and avoid excessive uterus bleeding.   > read more...

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