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Wally's Natural Products is the #1 manufacturer and distributor of ear candles in the United States based on volume and sales. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and high-quality service. Misleading the public about the positive effects of ear candling for the purpose of selling more ear candles is not one of our philosophies.

Unfortunately, it seems the majority of people who have heard of ear candling think or have been told that the procedure removes wax from the ear while the candle is burning. It is quite a selling point to say, "Wow, look at all the wax that came out of your ear! Don't you feel better now?" This is the placebo effect in action. Unfortunately again, as far as I know most other ear candle manufacturers claim these "fantastic" results simply to sell more ear candles. There is no vacuum. There is no suction. But regardless of the misconceptions, ear candles DO help your ears out.

In reality, absolutely no ear wax is removed from your ear while the procedure is occurring. Smoke and warmth enter the outer ear canal and work to soften, loosen, and help break-up hardened and/or impacted ear wax that your body cannot naturally excrete on its own. The wax is not liquefied and it doesn't drip or drain out of your ear later. Instead, its texture becomes much softer, it's color becomes darker, and it falls out of your ear 1 to 5 days following the procedure (usually while you are sleeping) just like it happens normally.

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Beeswax Ear Candles Beeswax Ear Candles by Wally's Natural, 4 candles
Pure natural beeswax ear candles, containing essential oils of Eucalyptus, Echinacea & Tea Tree.  > read more...

Regular Retail: $16.69
Our low price: $12.99, 2 for $24.99
Plain Paraffin Ear Candles Plain Paraffin Ear Candles by Wally's Natural, now made with a Soy Blend Wax, 12 Pack
Wally's original, economical ear candle, containing food grade paraffin without oils, fragrances or additives.  > read more...

Regular Retail: $34.59
Our low price: $25.99, 2 for $48.98
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