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Sensua Organics logo Sensua Organics 's Mission: to create the best performing, highest quality, certified organic personal lubricants in the world. Sensua Organics innovative formulas are based on the latest discoveries in bio-vegetal technology, and are 95% USDA certified organic.

Sensua Organics products use whole food botanical ingredients, making them the most all natural products of their kind on the market. Our personal lubricants are water-based, latex safe, chemical-free, and continue to rehydrate using the body¡¯s own moisture. We call this patent-pending technology Native Lubrication TM, because our products enhance moisture naturally produced by the body.

Sensua Organics had the vision to combine time-proven homeopathic remedies with our lubricants to bring gentle healing powers in direct contact with sensitive tissues in need of support. Women's needs like relief from menopause symptoms, pms, and yeast infections. Men¡¯s needs like improved sexual stamina and control of hypersensitivity. We felt you deserved more, so we delivered more.

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