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Uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts can cause a lot of discomforts including heavy menstrual cycles, bloating and cramping. FibroBlend Herbal Formula help supporting and cleansing female reproductive system and live a healthy, happy life.

Read about our customer's true experiences and how they reduce the discomfort caused by uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.

To all the fibroid sufferers out there, I had a 10cm uterine fibroid that was big , it pressed on my bladder which made me run to the bathroom all day long. Uncomfortable to say the least. Mr Dr wanted me to get a hysterectomy, I really didn't want to do that, I chose to go looking for natural remedies, I found fibroblend. A blessing!! I took 3 a day 3x a day, for 1 month, I noticed no bloating, I lost weight, my trips to the bathroom went back to normal, I got my life back!! I will continue for a couple months to dissolve the fibroid. And plan on taking 3 a day for maintenance to keep it from coming back. I truly love this stuff. **
--Kimberly S., PA

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--Deborah W., OH

I had a cyst the size of an egg on my ovary & fibroids on my uterus . I was told I would probably need a hysterectomy from my gynecologist. He told me to come back in 30 days & he would do another sonogram to see if things had changed. I got on the internet & found fibroblend & read of similar situations that the product had helped so I decided to try it. I took it as recommended & went back to the Dr. & my sonogram was totally clear after 30 days. He was surprised & so was I ! **
--Julie in Wichita.

I am infinitely grateful for your Fibroblend product. I have been using it for a little over a month, and after two weeks, I had to ask myself how long I had used the product because I noticed such a decrease in the size of the fibroids. Shortly before starting, I had been in the hospital ER, and had followed up with an OB-GYN, and both had concerns about the size of them. I keep a positive thought, eat a lot of raw foods, but have not cut out desserts. I have not stepped on a scale, but can zip Size 4 clothes, which I had not been able to wear in quite some time. I want to reach out to thank you, and to clarify the usage of the product. I will stop the product during menstruation and resume after.**
Best wishes,
-- Andrea J., Sliver Spring, MD

"I was diagnosed with a rapidly growing fibroid in my uterus in 2015. The first ultrasound showed it measured 3.3 x 3 x 3cm.
A year later by 2016, it had doubled in size and it begun causing me severe pain/cramping/pressure during and after my periods.
My OBGYN told me the best solution was to have a hysterectomy! I thought it was a heartless thing to say to a 41 year old woman. I was wanting to possibly still get pregnant so I decided to look into alternative options.
Many of the alternative non invasive procedures I looked into were very expensive and not covered by my insurance. By the end of July 2017 the fibroid grew to be 7.5 x 7 x 7 and pain and pressure were horrible.
A friend of mine told me about Fibroblend and I decided to give it a try.
I scheduled an ultrasound for the end of December 2017.
I took 3 capsules of Fibroblend 3 times a day on an empty stomach for 4 1/2 month taking a break during my periods. I didn¡¯t make any other changes in my lifestyle or diet.
On December 21st I had the ultrasound and to surprise, the fibroid had shrunk to 6.7 x 6.4 x 6.1!
I had a couple of months with very easy period with hardly any discomfort. I¡¯m currently on a maintenance dosage of 1 capsule 3 times a day.
I will schedule another ultrasound in 4 months to track the progress.
I would HIGHLY recommend FIBROBLEND to all women having to deal with fibroids! It¡¯s an amazing product! Thank you so much for making this compound to help us heal." **
-- Claudia S., Woodland Hills,CA

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-- Rebecca M, KS

"Please find attached the article I wrote about how Fibro Blend Formula changed my life. Feel free to use parts of it or all of it (or none of it). I can't thank your company enough for the amazing products you offer!

FIBRO BLEND, by Tao of Herbs, Gave Me My Life Back

It's hard to image that an extra piece of tissue the size of a thumb nail, attached to my uterus, could completely ruin my life. 2 years ago, I was side blinded and side lined from my life by this harsh reality. In a desperate Google search for answers, I found a solution after clicking on the Tao of Herbs website. Now, thanks to Tao of Herbs, Fibro Blend Formula, I have my life back!

My story started 2 years ago, as a normal, healthy, early 40's woman and mother of two teens. Gradually over a period of a year my unraveling began with changes in my monthly cycle. I began having horrible PMS symptoms, hormonal imbalances, emotional ups and downs, cramps and constant bloating. Even some unaccounted for weight gain. All things that I never had experienced before. Before I knew it, my monthly flow increased so much it landed me in the ER twice, with anemia and dehydration. I would be completely confined to my house (and bathroom) for the duration of my period and my blood pressure became out of control during my cycle.

At this point, I had no idea that I had a fibroid, until my routine GYN requested an ultrasound. I decided to add daily doses of iron and milk thistle to my supplement regime and saw a very small improvement. My doctor who I trust very much,offered a few options including ablation, birth control and hysterectomy. Reasons why I did not take them.

1) Birth Control: Used in oral form or implant, to shrink the fibroid (s). I was not a candidate due to hypertension. I did not want to risk blood clots at my age.
2) Ablation: Can be very painful and not always successful. From my research, approximately 8 out of 10 fibroid cases grow back.
3) Hysterectomy: I have been through enough surgeries and two emergency C sections and not even showing signs of menopause. I was not interested and did not want to have early onset menopause.
4) Live with it and/or find a natural, homeopathic way.

I chose #4, to find an all natural way. As a life long nutritional supplement user I have done my best to live homeopathically as much as humanly possible. I did some good old ¡°Google¡± detective work. After reading medical article and journals one after the other from leading doctors and hospitals, I noticed an article at the bottom of the screen and I decided to click on it.
It brought me to a link: Tao of Herbs, a Natural Herbal Remedies and Health Food Company out of Chicago, IL, offering Traditional Chinese Medicine. Right up my alley! In all my desperation and positive thinking that there had to be another way, I couldn't believe I found it. I looked into their FibroBlend Formula and called the company and got a list of all the ingredients. Studied the combination and for the very reasonable price per bottle had no reason not to try it. What do I have to loose, I thought. Well, what I lost was the miserable side effects of a devastating situation happening in my uterus reeking havoc on my entire body! In the process; I got my life back.
I called and ordered a bottle over the phone and spoke to a very nice woman who had answered all my research questions a week before about the formula and its ingredients. In less than two days, my order arrived on my door step and I began to take it immediately. I chose to take the highest dose recommended and in only a few days I began to notice subtle changes. After a couple of months those changes turned into big changes. The PMS symptoms subsided, the gas and bloating and pain in my abdomen went away and my harmones went back to normal. Flow and clotting during my cycle minimized considerably, enableing me to leave my house at that time of the month.

It is now a year later, whatever magic that FibroBlend Formula does to promote the proper flow of blood to the reproductive organs and help the liver synthesize estrogin better... it brought me close enough back to normal that I can deal with and ride it out until I do hit menopause.

Simply put, for me... this stuff is like magic. Thank you Fibro Blend! I don't know what I would do with out you! " **
-- Ilana M., Cape Cod, MA

Thank you so much for getting the Fibroblend to me so quickley. I was having a lot of pain in my ovary and now its gone. Fibroblend is great.
Your service is great too, Thank you!**
--Phyllis H., Rusk,TX

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Hello, I am Patricia from Kampala, Uganda. I would like to thank you for your miracle working products. I had an operation from uterine fibroids in December 2015, after six months, I started experiencing prolonged periods of 4 weeks, I was very depressed having a worry that my condition had again started getting bad as earlier before the operation cause I used to use 4 packets of sanitary towels per period that ran for 6 days. During the time of depression, worry n confusion, I surfed the internet for possible remedies and that's how I landed on taoofherbs site and read a lot of good information. At this point my heart was so optimistic about fibro blend, I got it in some way but ever since I started using it, my periods normalized to date. I believe its helping my body's hormones to keep in balance, so that fibroids don't reoccur. I am so grateful to you.**
--Patricia O.,Uganda

I began taking FibroBlend after dealing with the many issues that occur during the onset of menopause. I experience irregular bleeding , very lengthy and heavy periods and pain caused by fibroids inside the uterus , in the walls of the uterus and cysts on the ovaries. I took the recommended dose of 3 capsules three times a day for a month and then continued with the maintenance dose of 1 capsule three times a day. I experienced a huge change for the better with my symptoms to include, greatly reduced bleeding and no pain also from my initial ultrasound to a follow up three months later , my cysts are gone and the fibroids have not grown . My quality of life much improved. I must include that I only took FibroBlend for 10 weeks with minimal dosage. This was a mistake . My symptoms returned. I have started the FibroBlend program again and in a day I noticed changes for the better. I am completely sold on this product ! I have talked to a member of Tao of Herbs to get added information about the product and they have been knowledgeable and professional. I believe FibroBlend has made improvements in my life and I will continue to take this product.**
-- Patricia P. Ashland,VA

My daughter brought the Fibroblend when she came and I must say the results thus far are amazing. I am totally pleased with product. I have been taking them for approximately a week now and I have already began to feel a difference.**
-- Cienne B. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I'm just back from my doctor's office and am contacting you now to order more FibroBlend. The doctor told me to continue taking FibroBlend for another six to eight months to get the maximum benefit from these particular herbs since I have an especially large (9 cm) fibroid. She and I are eager to see how much of a reduction in the fibroid size I might experience between now and my next appointment at the end of this year. I will surely be back in touch to let you know how it goes then.
When I started with the capsules, the first thing I noticed was an increase in what I would call ¡°healthy energy.¡± After about five days I began to feel better and more energetic. I even told my husband that I had almost forgotten how good it feels to have some vitality again. Then, after a while, I somehow stopped taking my FibroBlend, and few days later I began to feel the familiar, old tiredness start to creep up again. Now I will be resuming daily intake of FibroBlend and am determined take it consistently this time. I should mention also that, while I was taking FibroBlend, my period was lighter and much less uncomfortable.
I do appreciate what FibroBlend has done for me and want to send you my thanks today for an effective herbal remedy.**
-- Judy D., Clearwater,FL

I am getting back to you to let you know of my continued improvement with FibroBlend. For the past three days I have hardly even felt my period at all; so, the my husband and I are so thankful for your product. After my first cycle, I was very happy to find my periods becoming lighter and much less painful than before. I am so glad I did not go through with the hysterectomy. We are trying to get pregnant now, and I will definitely keep you updated about our progress.**
-- --S. Toles, GA

I am calling today to order more FibroBlend and to tell you how pleased I am with the product. I have been taking it for a little over three months now and have noticed definite changes for the better. Probably the first improvement I noticed after just a couple weeks was a reduction in the unpleasant feeling of fullness and stretching in my lower stomach area. I am happy to say that I can even fit back into some of my skinny jeans now; so, it's not just my imagination -- I actually am less bloated than I had been. I also am noticing an improvement in the excessive urinary frequency that had been troubling me before. It is such a relief to go out socially these days and not have to spend half of my night looking for the ladies room. My final comment is that my last couple periods have been lighter and less painful, which at this point in my life is very much appreciated. Thank you for making the herbs available!**
-Gloria J., NJ

In June 2015 I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and after an ultrasound test, it was confirmed that my uterus was the size of a "5 month pregnant" uterus, with 3 fibroids all different in size, with the largest being the size of a lemon.

After meeting with my OBGYN, I was given only one option, which was a hysterectomy. I remember crying that day, desperate to find an alternative option. I wasn't comfortable removing such an important organ out of my body, even though I wasn't planning on having more children.

During my extensive research for better options, I came upon your website and read the testimonials from clients taking "Fibro Blend". My first thought was, if the product works so well, I am sure my doctor would recommend it to me, since he works with bio-identical hormone products and is open to "alternative medicine". Glad I did my own homework on this matter, because he was not familiar with it.

I started an intense "FibroBlend" therapy, taking 3 pills before each meal daily.

Just concluded 60 days on "Fibro Blend". Today, I received my results from the new ultrasound done yesterday, and I am crying tears of joy. My fibroids have decreased in size in just 2 months. I honestly didn't expect such great results in a such a short time. I will continue my "Fibro Blend" therapy until all the fibroids disappear. Not sure if there is a connection, but I've also lost 12 pounds in the past 60 days as well which pleases me.

Thank you for such an amazing product. I strongly suggest to all the women out there that are going through the same health issues, to try "Fibro Blend" first before resorting to having a hysterectomy. This is a way better and healthier alternative to getting rid of fibroids.**
-- A. Marina D., CA

Hi! I am a very thankful customer. I recently bought these for my wife because she has been suffering from cyst, and fibroid pain. I read the reviews from other customers and was very excited that I could do something to help her. Thanks to this miracle supplement, I'm now looking like a genius. Her fibroids are now almost gone and she is back to being her old self again. The reason why I am writing a review is to try to inform the next person, so that they also might be blessed.**
-- Charles

FibroBlend was first introduced to me by a friend back in April. I am in my 40s now and had been struggling with female issues at that time. I am really excited about the overall improvements I e experienced since then. My whole situation is better now, but I especially appreciate the disappearance of those bad headaches that used to accompany each one of my periods. I also noticed a big improvement in my chronic constipation problem. I have already recommended FibroBlend to several friends and will continue to do so. **
-- Esther F., PA

Is a must try! Works great for PMS, perimenopause or menopause. Helps keep uterus strong and healthy. I highly recommended. **
-- M. Schram

I started to take the FibroBlend after a 6-cm cyst was found. The second day after taking it I had more energy and didn't need my usual nap. After a month of taking it I went back to the doctor. The cyst was only 2 cm wide. **
-- S. Hernandez

My sister-in-law, who had successfully taken FibroBlend in the past, recommended it to me after my gynecologist did a CAT scan on me recently and diagnosed multiple uterine fibroids. I decided to go out on a limb and order it for myself because I was in so much discomfort from lower back pain and stomach pressure caused by the fibroids pushing on nerves.
Within the first week of taking it, I noticed improvement, especially with my feeling of abdominal fullness and constipation symptom, once the stomach and back pressure from the fibroids had lessened. After a month I was well on the way to feeling better, and now I am almost back to my old self again, thanks to FibroBlend.**
-- -Ada F. PA

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