Famous Chinese Formulas (3): Leak Control

Xingwu Liu

Unique Formula:

Leak Control formula is a combination of several famous classic formulas. Centering on the functions of the kidney and involving the urinary and hormone systems in terms of functions and the aging process, this formula is a good example of the wholistic approach TCM takes to tackle each health issue. The result is this unique formula that is effective for both incontinence (enuresis) and hyposexuality, and it is good for both men and women. It is also good for sciatica, osteoporosis, chronic bronchitis and micturation.


Extracts from rehmannia root, common yam, Chinese angelica root, cinnamon bark, aconite, lindera root, wolfberry fruit , Chinese dodder seed, eucommia bark in ginger, Asiatic cornus fruit, alpinia fruit, mantis egg case and Chinese leek seed with fried antler glue.


The Chinese Academy of TCM conducted systematic research using modern biomedical technology, and found the following properties:

Strengthening immunity: Experiment with mice with low immunity using hydrocortisone showed that it partially antagonizes the hormone action on splenic lymphocytes, brings a mild action on thymus lymphocytes, markedly increases hemolytic plaque, and prolongs in vitro survival rate of splenic cells, indicating improvements and adjustments of B-cell function and enhanced humoral immunity.

Protection and regulation of important organs: Experiment with low vitality mice, it (1) increases the weight of organs; (2) protects the sub-micro structure of liver cellular nuclei, increases the content of RNA and glucose-b-de-phospho-dehydrogenase, hence, regulating the DNA, RNA and protein synthesis;(3) protects the splenic lymphocyte; and (4) mildly increases the nonspecific esterase of adrenalin.

Regulating sex hormone: It increases serum androgen in men with low androgen, and decreases it to normal range in men with elevated androgen. Though it yields no action to serum androgen in women, it does push their lowered estradiol to normal, demonstrating that the mechanism of the formula is different from estrogenic sex hormone. It mainly improves the body function, and restores the hormonal secretion of the hypothalamus-pituitary ¨Cgonad system.

Anti-senility: It (1) markedly lowers activities of mitochondrion MBO-B (2) lowers the kidney hydroxyproline , demonstrating its age-delaying action on senility of the heart and kidney.

Clinical results

Hyposexuality: 11 cases administered with this product for 2-3 consecutive months, 45.5% of the cases had sexual function recovered, 83.3% recovered after 2-4 months medication.

Osteoporosis: 52 senile cases treated. After 6-8 months of medication signs, symptoms, end X-ray changes in bone trabeculi were used for evaluation: Results showed that 42 cases (80.8%) were markedly effective; 8 (15.4%), effective; 2 cases, ineffective, total effective rate is 96.2%.

Chronic bronchitis: 53 cases treated, 84.9% had conditions stabled or basically stabled; 6 Cases, ameliorated; 2 cases, ineffective; total effective rate is 96.2%.

Sciatica:48 cases treated. 66.7% cured; 91.7% effective.

Frequent micturation: both volume and frequency markedly decreased.

Enuresis (incontinence): 15 cases treated, 11 cases cured, 4 ameliorated after 20-40 doses.

Leak Control (60 capsules/bottle) is made under the supervision of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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