Famous Chinese Formulas (2) Clear Eye & Sharp Ear (Qige Congming Formula)

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People say that traditional Chinese medicine is a combination of art and science: Art because there is endless variations of formulas for the practitioner to choose according to particular conditions of his patient, and science because Chinese patent formulas have been used clinically to prevent, treat and cure related diseases for thousands of years.

One of these formulas is Clear Eye & Sharp Ear, originally called Yiqi Congming Tang, meaning "tea that brighten the senses". It is made of extracts from astragalus root, pueraria root, seashore vitex, common peony root, cimicifuge, phellodendron, licorice, cnidium, Chinese angelica root (Dong Quai) and ginseng.

If you suffer from Meniere's syndromes, Hydrops labyrinthi, cervical spondylopathy, cerebral arteriosclerosis, secretory otitis media, streptomycin reaction, tinnitus, stiff neck, or achromatopsia, this is the remedy.

Traditional Chinese way to deal with these health difficulties is

  • to increase cerebral blood flow , in order to improve the functions of the brain;
  • to increase orientation memory , liberal remembering of diagram and meaningless diagram recognition memory in case of cerebral arteriosclerosis;
  • increase the excitability of cerebral cortex;
  • decrease the total serum cholesterol, triglycerine, content of LPO in brain and heart tissue, increase the HDL in serum and SOD content in these tissues, lessen the formation of plague and thrombus formation and improves blood viscosity, and
  • lower blood lipid , increase hematocrit, and accelerate RBC electrophoresis.

This formula proves to be very effective, 90 % effective rate (71% curing rate) was achieved for meniere's syndromes, 95% for cervical spondylosis; 90% for cerebral arteriosclerosis, 84% for reaction to streptomycin, 96% for tinnitus and almost 100% for stiff neck (Generally one doze is enough and 3 at the most for stiff neck).

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