Famous Chinese Formulas (1) Summer Ease (Huoxiang Zhengqi, Giant Hyssop Pill): A Miracle System Harmonizer

Everyone of us has the bad experience of feeling everything is wrong with our body: headache, nausea, grinding stomachache with intestines rumbling inside, diarrhea, fever with aversion to cold, poor appetite, you name it.

If you are in the orient, your family, friends, colleagues would remind you that you need Huoxiang Zhengqi (Summer Ease) formula. You follow their advice and soon you feel brand new!

Of all traditional Chinese medical formulas, Summer Ease, or Huoxiang Zhengqi, has been a household name for more than one thousand years. It was formally recorded as an established formula in the Prescriptions of the Pharmacy Bureau which was compiled between 1078-1148, an official pharmacopoeia of the Song Dynasty of China that was described by well-know ancient doctors as an adequate safe and curing guide to follow without having to consult a doctor, especially in hot and wet weather (Summer in most cases)!

This time-honored formula not only is very effective, its application is also very extensive, including, as are listed in manuals and books, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, flu due to damp heat, fever and aversion to cold, head and body aches and pains, serious encumbrance, nausea and vomiting, fullness and oppression in the chest, bloating pain in the belly, diarrhea, watery stool, intestinal rumbling and pain, damp obstruction in the stomach, poor digestion and appetite, sticky and greasy feeling in the mouth, white and greasy coating tongue and soggy moderate pulse. In terms of conventional medicine, this formula is designed for stomach flu, influenza, acute and chronic enterogastritis, alimentary ulcers, chronic cholicystitis, chronic hepatitis, etc. Many people in the orient would store up some of it as hot wet weather is approaching, to get rid of the serious discomfiture.

The principal herb used in the formula is potchouli (giant hyssop), an herb belonging to aromatic dehumidifying class. Rich in essential oils, this herb, Huoxiang as it is called in Chinese, possess anti-emetic, anti-diarrheal (tranquilizing gastrointestinal nerves), stomachic (stimulating gastric secretion leading to better digestion), antipyretic as it relaxes blood capillaries, and anti-fungal (strongly inhibiting commonly found pathogenic dermatophytes.)

The secondary herbs in the formula include perilla leaf, angelica, magnolia bark and areca nut. They basically assist the principal herb by being antibacterial, antipyretic, analgesic, stimulating the central nerve system, promoting sleep, harmonizing various organs, to disperse wind chill, treating mild fever, severe chillphobia, headache and body pains, relieving fullness and oppression in the chest and removing dampness.

The supporting herbs include pinellia, atractylodis, hoelen (poria) and tangerine peel. They regulate Qi (energy) and harmonize the stomach, resolve turbidity, supplement the spleen, suppress belching up acid and vomiting.

The last group of herbs called ˇ°coordinating herbsˇ± includes ginger, jujube and licorice. They possess immune building, spleen fortifying, stomach and spleen coordinating properties and they coordinate all other herbs to achieve the treatment objectives.

The formula is available in different forms including powder, pills, tablets, capsules and liquid. Summer Ease provided by Health King & Balanceuticals Group is in capsule form and available in 60 capsule bottles.

Those who suffer inadequate body fluid with dry mouth, dry skin, less than normal urine, red tongue need to be careful to use this formula, otherwise dehydration may result.

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