Build Up Your Defense (Immunity) with Rhodiola: Gold Plant of the Orient

If there is one natural herb that can best represent the basic philosophy and principle of traditional Chinese medicine, i.e., balancing, it is rhodiola.

Rhodiola contains salidrosides, tyrosol, dendrolasin, safranal, 17 amino acids needed by the human body, of which 7 can not be synthesized in the body. It also contains 21 trace elements, a number of vitamins and various volatile oils, alkaloid and flavones. These active elements are highly potent and play very important biological functions. It is one of the best gifts of nature that helps the body to adapt to different, especially to adverse environments with its adaptogenic and bi-directional modulating functions, discharging in case of excess and supplementing in case of inadequacy, thus keeping the body in biologically healthy and balanced condition. Modern research has confirmed its anti-radiation, anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, antioxidant, detoxifying and cardiotonic effects and the properties to eliminate stasis and accumulation, maintain normal blood pressure and promote natural healing. Other reported benefits include its ability to maintain the central nervous system and endocrine systems for better memory and endurance.

Rhodiola Sacchalinensis A. Bor, is a rare precious herb growing between 1700 and 2300 meters (5577-7546 feet) above sea level in the frigid zone on the Changbai (Permanent White) Mountains in NE China. Due to its ability to survive tough conditions and strong vitality, local people call it "the herb of longevity" and "the herb of immortality," and used it as a tonic and sexual elixir for both man and woman.

The Shen Nong Cannon of Herbs compiled around the second century AD described it as a "superior herb." By royal edict of Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722) of the Qing Dynasty, it was named the "God-given Herb" and it became an exclusive tribute to the royal court and the general public was strictly forbidden its use. He often rewarded his soldiers with Rhodiola wine to maintain their good health and enhance their military performance.

In the 1960s, the Russians discovered Rhodiola by chance in their search for tonics. Pharmacological analysis proves that Rhodiola contains rich nutrients and what is more special, it has adaptogenic properties and is more precious than ginseng. The Russians formulated a variety of health foods with Rhodiola for use by their astronauts, pilots, divers and athletes, and rhodiola began to be known in medical circles as "the gold plant" and the "magical herb of the Orient."

Starting from the 1970s, research institutions in China and elsewhere conducted systematic studies of the chemical constituents and pharmacological functions of Rhodiola. As a result clinical applications and tests on animals have shed light on many more beneficial aspects of this valuable herb. Today it is one of the most important herbs maintaining good health for those who always move in the fast lane in general, and those subject to frequent electromagnetic influence, including computer operators, cellular phone users, TV viewers and athletes, in particular.

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