Earthworm To Remove Blood Circulation Impediment: A Survey

Chinese have used earthworms for thousand of years, modern scientific research has found out why: It contain three thrombolytic enzymes: fibrinolysin (plasmin), profibrinolysin activator and collagenase which are all we need to dissolve thrombus and restore blood circulation to the brain.

Earthworms as Food in Different Cultures

Earthworms have been used as food in many cultures. It is generally considered a delicacy and is reserved only for the most distinguished guests and the elderly. Now we know why.

A New Discovery and a New Medicine

During the 70s, Professor Shan Hongren discovered enzymatic functions of extract from earthworms which confirm the validity of the use of earthworms in traditional Chinese medicine. In 1997 a product named Plasmin made from earthworms was approved by the Chinese government as a new medicine. In 1997 Plasmin was endorsed by the China Gerontology Foundation, and a year later it was endorsed by the China Gerontology Association Rehabilitation Committee. In 1999, China Medical Society decided to make Plasmin a key product to be promoted all over China. In the same year it was registered by the China Supervisory and Administrative Bureau as a class two nationally protected TCM formula, and in 2000 it is included in the China National Pharmacopoeia.

Traditional Use of Earthworms

Traditional Chinese medicine has been using earthworms (lumbricus) for thousands of years. The famous Compendium Materia Medica describes it as "salty in taste, cold in property, and efficacious in clearing the heart, invigorating blood circulation, dissolving stasis, opening up channels, curing stroke, hemiplegia and infantile convulsion," and pointed out that lumbricus has self-dissolving ingredients.

Modern scientific research, especially Prof. Shan's finding, verified the Chinese use of earthworms after finding important enzymes in them.

How It Works

Made of a special strain of earthworms with new biochemical engineering technology, Plasmin provides three thrombolytic enzymes: fibrinolysin (plasmin), profibrinolysin activator and collagenase. It is nontoxic and good for long-term use without any side effect. This enteric capsule carries Plasmin into the intestines and opens up and is absorbed into blood circulation system. It helps maintain a healthy balance between hemolysis and hemostasis, may help reduce the risk of ischemic cardiovascular problems such as stroke, embolism, thrombus, arteriosclerosis, etc., the risk of diabetic complications including nervous pathological changes and micro circulation disturbances, and maintain healthy arterial functions and promote blood circulation by opening up arteries, and help maintain a healthy cholesterol and blood sugar level, reduce blood fat. It also provides many trace elements and vitamins needed by the human body.

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