Insider Stories with Tao Part II - MegaFood

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Sometimes it can be difficult to move beyond a colorful package label or a clever advertising slogan to select what is really the very best product to meet your family's needs.  Have you ever wondered about the brands that we stock on our Tao of Herbs shelves here?

•     What makes a natural product better than others?

•     What is the emphasis of the manufacturer in terms of quality today?

•     How and why did a reputable brand come into being?

These are the products that we buy for our own families ... and we truly consider each Tao of Herbs customer to be an extension of our family.

Susan, our customer support manager here at Tao of Herbs, is here to contribute to her pick MegaFood®, manufacturer of superior whole-food supplements.

 When asked what brand I wanted to highlight for our "Staff Picks", I did not have to think very long before coming up with my choice. Even though I have many favorite products,  MegaFood is my personal favorite and the brand I am most likely to suggest to my friends and family.

Why is MegaFood my choice? The reasons are many; to start MegaFood uses whole-food ingredients, with real food sourced from farm-fresh partners.

MegaFood is deeply committed to regenerative farming and their long-term relationships with their organic grower partners and helping to support the local communities of the farms.

An interesting fact I found out is that MegaFood sources over 500,000 pounds of real, farm-fresh vegetable, fruits, whole grains and herbs directly from farms every year, all for use in their supplements. Their farm partners are located from Hawaii to Wisconsin and Oregon to Florida, they are family-owned and eco-conscious. 

Along with the farmer partnerships, Megafood has partnered with experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Tierona Low Dog for guidance to create the best products. The collaboration between MegaFood and the experts helps MegaFood identify which fresh foods are the best to deliver consistent quality and potency to the customer.

Yet another reason to love MegaFood is their dedication to transparency. With the Big T Transparency initiative, MegaFood shares an insider's view of the entire operation using facility cams focused on activities involving everything from manufacturing processes and new product pipelines to company culture. MegaFood raises the bar for the entire industry by being open and totally transparent.

MegaFood is able to control the entire product process from farmer's field to retail store shelf.

MegaFood owns and operated all of their production facilities in New Hampshire to guarantee the highest level of quality control, safety and potency.

Finally, the simplest reason that MegaFood is my favorite brand, is that MegaFood makes it easy for those of us with dietary restrictions know if the product is right for us. Each bottle is clearly labeled to identify the certifications and verification that apply to each product. The symbols are clearly displayed on the front of the label, making it quite easy to know if it works for me.

I have let you know why I am an fan MegaFood, as a brand and I also want to share a few of my favorite products with you.

  1.  The first product I would like to mention is the Blood Builder, a product that has helped me to increase my blood iron levels. Being a vegetarian, my doctor suggested that I start taking an iron supplement a couple of years ago. I tried a few different iron supplements and did not really feel or see much of a change. I decided to try the Blood Builder about a year ago and I started to see measurable results after a few months.  My energy levels have increased and I no longer experience the nausea and constipation that I have experienced with other iron supplements.   I believe the reason for my positive experience is because MegaFood uses whole foods    such as beets, organic oranges and broccoli, plus folic acid (for healthy red blood cell production) and B12 and vitamin C (to support iron absorption)  to enhance the effects of the 26 mg of iron contained in each tablet.

  2. Another MegaFood product that I do not want to be without is the Turmeric Strength for Whole Body. I began taking various turmeric supplements several years ago to promote healing and to relieve discomfort from inflammation resulting from an old knee injury. Our MegaFood sales representative provided me with a few samples of the product a little over a year ago and I can say that I was sold on this formula almost immediately.

MegaFood uses farm-fresh turmeric root and pure turmeric extract for their Turmeric Strength line of products. What I think really made the difference for me is the added deeply-pigmented cherries and berries and the patented black pepper extract. The fruit provides me with added antioxidants and the black pepper aids in absorption."


As Susan mentioned above,  MegaFood management is deeply committed to regenerative agriculture and also to long-term relationships with their grower partners and the local communities where those farms are located. Because of the special relationship we feel the grower partners deserve a little added attention. You may recognize a few of the names from your local produce department. If you are not familiar with the names you may want to seek them out on your next shopping trip.

Among the trusted Farm Fresh Farm Partners affiliated with MegaFood are the following well-known growers:

Foxy Organic (kale and other organic produce): Chances are that you may have already come across their California, Nevada and Arizona fruits and vegetables marketed at your favorite grocery under the Foxy and Foxy Organic brand labels.

Uncle Matt® Farm (organic navel and Hamlin oranges): Uncle Matt is the nation's original organic juice company, and it's also the orchard in Florida where MegaFood gets all the oranges used for their vitamin C products.

Kauai Organic Farms (organic turmeric and ginger): This is a family-owned farm in the Hawaiian Islands that shares in the MegaFood mission of sustainable farming. International Certification Services, Inc. certifies all their produce as organic. In addition they are also Food Safety Certified through the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and Primus Labs.

Stahlbush® Island Farms (farm-fresh, real, whole beets): Located in the heart of Oregon Willamette Valley, Stahlbush Island Farms is an environmentally friendly farm and food processor. Like Susan, you may recognize this grower as the first ever to introduce sustainably-grown, individually quick-frozen fruits and vegetables to the retail market. They also developed the Farmer's Market line of canned, organic gourmet purees and Nummy Tum Tum pet food supplements.

James Lake Farms (antioxidant-rich, organic cranberries): The James Lake Farms cranberry marsh is part of a family-owned farm enterprise located in northern Wisconsin. Workers there grow five different fruit varieties across 189 acres of marsh beds, including 65 organic acres.

Lundberg Family Farms (wholesome, organic brown rice): Managed by third and fourth generation Lundbergs, this organic grower will harvest 80,000 pounds of California rice for MegaFood this year alone.


MegaFood Awards and Honors

MegaFood is well respected industry-wide and we wanted to share a few of their most recent achievements:

•     2018 - New Hope Network 2018 Expo West NEXTY Award (Best New Supplement Delivery Format: B12 Energy Ginger Gummies)

•     2018 - Clean Eating Magazine's Clean Choice Award  (HEALTH INSURANCE: One Daily Multivitamin)

•     2017 - Alive Award (Retailers' Choice for Women's Products: Baby & Me)

•     2016 - Taste for Life (Supplement Essentials Award Winner: Turmeric Strength for Joint)

•     2015 - Better Nutrition (Best of Supplements for Women's Health: Blood Builder)

•     2015 - Whole Foods Magazine Natural Choice Award (Top Honor: supplements - full line)

The entire MegaFood team strives to make healthy living easier for customers so that the right choices can become a lifestyle instead of just a temporary fix -- exactly as the founders intended way back in 1973.




  Blood Builder  
  Blood Builder by MegaFood, 90 Tablets  
  Daily Turmeric  
  Daily Turmeric by MegaFood, Nutrient Booster Powder, 2.08 oz  
  Turmeric Strength for Joint  
  Turmeric Strength for Joint by MegaFood, 60 Tablets