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"I am an avid athlete who was suffering from pain in my groin area. I continued working out, thinking it was just a hurt muscle. I also got sick during this time with a cough that only aggravated the pain. After being medically examined, I was told I had a hernia that would probably need to be surgically repaired at some time. As I did an online search regarding hernias, I came upon this herbal product and decided to try it. After 2 bottles, my pain is gone. I can workout like I did before the pain and feel great!! Thank you for likely preventing me from needing surgery. Sincerely, "**
--- Joe M., Bay Village, OH

Millions of people suffer hernias each year causing discomfort and limiting activity. A hernia occurs when there is a weakness or tears in muscle tissue and allows underlying organs or intestines to protrude through the softened area.

While there are no medications available, standard solution has been surgery or wearing a supportive belt. Although surgery does offer a quick fix, many people who went through a surgery simply develop the same issue at a different spot later in life because the weakness in the muscle tissue is still there. Many people also choose not to go through surgery because its painful and costly.

Addressing the Cause, Not Just the Symptom

Surgery only fixes the issue at one spot. From the outside, the symptom appears gone. However, for most people the underlying cause is still not addressed, i.e. a weakened abdominal wall. When pressure builds up again internally due to exercise, constipation, etc., it simply finds another location to protrude through, often near or even at the same spot where the surgery was performed.

In Traditional Eastern Herbology, natural herbal alternatives are used to target the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. It is believed that diaphragms and abdominal muscle and tissues must be supported, strengthened and remain healthy, so they are strong enough to withhold the internal pressure, and the protruding can be avoided.

HerniCare - The Natural Solution

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No surgeries, just herbs! Traditional Eastern Herbalism has been practiced for over three thousand years in China, Japan, Korea and other surrounding countries. In the East, where surgery was not available, people have been using combination of natural remedies to support better blood circulation to sooth the discomfort and to strengthen the weakened tissue and muscles.* In TCM, such combination of natural remedies is called "to lift the Qi (Vital Energy), support healthy diaphragm and muscles strength and promote health location among body organs".*

HerniCare is a safe, effective formula used to relieve the symptoms associated with hernias*. HerniCare is based on Traditional Eastern Herbalism and made in the cGMP facility here in United States. All ingredients are third party lab tested for its purity and effectiveness. The blend of herbs is a time-honored formula for its Qi (Vital Energy) building*, stomach and intestine nurturing*, distension relieving*, abdominal discomfort soothing properties.*

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How Does HerniCare Work?

The herbs in HerniCare work synergistically to increase circulation in the muscle surrounding the area of the injury.* This strengthened muscle is then able to hold the underlying organs, including the large and small intestines, to return to their original position. This results in relief from discomfort as well as any softness or protrusion in the area. HerniCare offers relief to most types of hernias except hiatal hernias.*

  • Supports healthy blood circulation*
  • Soothe abdominal discomfort*
  • Strengthen weak tissues and muscles*
  • Build Qi (Vital Energy)*
  • Nurture stomach and intestines*
  • Relieve distension*
  • Support healthy diaphragm*
  • Promote healthy organ location and function*

HerniCare works best when taken as soon as possible after the injury occurs ideally after diagnosis by a medical professional who confirms the presence of a hernia. Many customers who have had a hernia for years have also had noticeable improvement of the tone and strength of the area. Some have used HerniCare post-surgery to support recovery and help return the muscle to its firm, smooth healthy state.*

How Long Does it Take to Work?

While every individual and injury are unique, most people begin to notice relief of discomfort and/or a lessening of softness or protrusion within 5-7 days with maximum results usually reached after a full course (three bottles).

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"Since it is necessary for me to be involved with our business seven days a week which includes a great deal of lifting I had ruled out surgery because of the recovery time and not so positive lasting effects. I elected to seek out a natural treatment and I have no idea why it only took me the better part of six years to decide this. I had been dealing with two inguinal hernia's with varying degrees of daily pain on a continuing basis...............until I thankfully came across HerniCare. I liked that it would help to support the diaphragm and relieve the abdominal discomfort, of which I experienced plenty, including burning sensations periodically. By the time I finished the second bottle, the pains had diminished substantially. In addition to starting the third bottle of HerniCare, I upgraded from wearing a supporter to a hernia belt, the combination of the two has me back to my daily routine with a great deal of comfort. It was a blessing to find this product."**

Terry M.,AR

"Last summer I was scheduled for surgery right after 4th of July to correct my inguinal hernia -- a prospect that I dreaded more than I can say since I have heard all kind of stories about those mesh implants. As it happens, I worked in sports and athletics all my life; so, I am in pretty good shape and hate to take chances with my body. After only a couple months of taking HerniCare, I was so much improved that I persuaded the surgeon to delay my operation until after Labor Day. Then, when I went to visit him in September, things were so good that we were able to cancel the procedure entirely. That day I REALLY celebrated! And I continued pretty much symptom-free all winter as well as spring and summer of this year.

Unfortunately, though, last weekend I really overdid the strenuous activity -- spent way too much time outside on a ladder. And now I am reordering more HerniCare today because some of the symptoms are back. If it helped me once, I am hopeful that HerniCare will do the job a second time too."**

Mike B., FL

"I was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort trying to manage a bulge about the size of a ping pong ball. My doctor had recommended surgery and reinforcement with a mesh inlay, but I was looking for a way to avoid cutting through the muscle fibers.

At that time I was especially worried about the possibility of any side effects or adverse reaction to the herbs in the capsules because of previous experiences with different herbs earlier in my life. To my surprise there were no bad effects at all, and both the pain and the size of the bulge decreased. Then in late February I just stopped taking the HerniCare entirely. Very soon the pain returned and the bulge grew bigger. Even with a truss-type external support garment, I was uncomfortable all the time. My wife insisted that I resume taking HerniCare again, and this time I stuck with the full dosage until I started to feel better. Then I gradually reduced down to only two capsules twice a day and was very happy to see the decreased intake still maintaining the benefits. Now I am beginning a Pilates exercise program in conjunction with my HerniCare to see what will be the minimum amount of capsules that will allow me to go into a stable maintenance phase.

I am a 57-year-old man who just celebrated the 29th wedding anniversary last weekend. My wife and I both thank HerniCare for the excellent improvements to my quality of life during these past few months."**

Jeff W., ID

"I have a hernia and this is the only product I've found that helps relieve the pain. I can't live without it at this point. Will I be able to avoid surgery for my hernia? That remains to be seen. Using the HerniCare has alleviated most of the pain and the general area is not as "soft". This was the only natural supplement I could find and most of the information and advice I found was for men (I am a woman). I am happy to have found something that works!"

C. Macy
Asheville, NC

"After having some pain in my groin area and noticing a lump at the end of the day, I went to my doctor and he confirmed it was a hernia and said it was not at a point that surgery would be needed. I wanted to continue my daily routine - my job is physical and I work out - but I did not want to make the hernia worse. I debated ordering HerniCare because it was hard for me to believe that herbs could help with a hernia, but I finally bought three bottles.

Within 3 days, the pain was gone and I could not see any protrusion in the area at the end of the day or after working out. I took four capsules per day and after finishing the second bottle, I decreased the amount to two capsules per day. I plan to order more to have on hand in case the pain or lump comes back, but I am completely satisfied with the product."**

D. Lord
Phoenix, AZ

"I'm sure it was the HerniCare and the yoga specifically for hernia, near the end of the second bottle of HerniCare my inguinal hernia completely retreated to where you couldn't even tell it was ever there, whereas for 6 years you could always see a sizeable lump. Also my abdomen feels considerably flatter and stronger instead of saggy and distended (and I'm slender). Great stuff!"**

S. Graft
Ann Arbor, MI

How Long Do I Need to Take HerniCare?

It is suggested that taking a course of three bottles of HerniCare will provide the most benefit. Herbal formulas generally take longer to build in the system and take effect than pharmaceuticals. The best results are seen after one full course (three bottles) of HerniCare .

After a full course, you may stop taking HerniCare or reduce the dosage to a maintenance dose of two capsules per day and not begin another full regimen unless the symptoms return.


Lindera, Vladimiria Root, Fennel Seed, Blue Citrus Peel, Lychee Seed, Chinaberry Fruit, Cinnamon Bark, Citrus Seed.

Directions for Use:

For best results, take 3 capsules 2-3 times daily on an empty stomach. For maintenance, take 2 capsule daily.


The formula HerniCare has been traditionally used for thousands of years with no known side-effects*.

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** Individual results may vary. We stand by a 30 day refund policy if you are not 100% satisfied.