Red Marine Algae Review / Red Marine Algae Side-effects

About Red Marine Algae

Red marine algae have long been known to assist the body's immune system to respond to virus attacks, and a regular intake can reduce the number of viral attacks and their severity. It has been used traditionally for many ailments, including:
  • Boils
  • Urinary infections
  • Asthma
  • Goiter and stomach problems
  • Ulcers and Tumors (with varying degrees of success)
The scientific basis for these applications is varied, but it is the topical use to eradicate cold sores that it best known for in the West, though it has been claimed to be an effective means of reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Red Marine Algae Background
Red marine algae has been shown to strengthen the bodyís immune system enabling individuals to control and even reduce many viral infections such as herpes simplex and herpes zoster (which causes the painful disease shingles in adults and chicken pox in children).

Red Marine Algae Ingredients

The active components in red marine algae, sulfated polysaccharides, are thought to support the immune systemís antiviral response by increasing the production of lymphocytes in the thymus. This increase helps stimulate the formation of T-cells and antibodies, which attack and slow down the growth of the virus.

Red Marine Algae Manufacturer

Pure Planet, the makers of Red Marine Algae Plus indicate that many studies that now suggest the positive benefits of Red Marine Algae on viral syndromes. Thus, if you are battling viral infections, adding Red Marine Algae to your support program as an additive treatment could well prove beneficial.

Pure Planet's Red Marine Algae Plus provides highest potency 500mg per capsule and contains both Gigartina and Dumontacea the two rare strains. It is these compounds that scientists believe to be the most actively potent immune support for virus sufferers.

Red Marine Algae Usage

Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus comes in vegetarian capsule form. Take 4 capsules per day for daily nutritional support. You may take a loading dose of 4 to 12 capsules per day as needed at the onset of a virus.

Red Marine Algae Side Effects

Being a proper food, there are no side effects with Red Marine Algae and there have been no noted side effects with Red Marine Algae Plus consumers.

Red Marine Algae Testimonial

By PAgirl (PA, United States)

"After doing some research about the use of Red Marine Algae in preventing cold sores as well as some research about the quality of different brands, I bought this product. I have been quite pleased with it so far (about 3 months). I have not had any cold sores since I started using it, even when eating chocolate and other things that tend to trigger an outbreak. I can't guarantee that this is why, but I tend to think that it's played a role. The research out there is pretty convincing and from what I can tell this brand is particularly good. I would definitely recommend it to others who have been having difficulty controlling cold sore outbreaks."

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