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What is Arthri-Zen?

The ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF product line is for pain and headache relief with no side effects. Naturally relieves chronic joint pain, muscle pain, sports pain, and connective tissue and bone discomfort.*

History of ARTHRI-ZEN Herbal Extracts

The herbal extracts in ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF have been used for many thousands of years in cultures around the world and contain compounds that have been determined to fight uncomfortable pain sensations. The ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF formula mounts a multi-pronged attack on your symptoms.

Clinical Study shows STOPS PAIN in as little as 4 to 7 days!*


ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF products helps regulate pain receptors that sense and send some types of pain signals to the brain. Pain signals that tell you of a brand new injury travel a different route to the brain than pain signals from occasional discomfort. ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF products are designed to regulate these pain signals without disrupting those pain signals that warn you that a new injury has occurred.

The ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF formulation provides many key functional advantages. The combination of herbs in ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF is balanced for synergistic amplification. In other words, providing maximum reduction of symptoms at minimal dosages.

Help regulate pain signals: The herbs Juniper, Meadowsweet and Willow bark in ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF products interfere with the transmission of pain signals that result from occasional discomfort in some muscle or joint tissues.* Juniper blocks the production of compounds that make pain receptors more sensitive. Meadowsweet and Willow Bark contain a variety of salicin compounds that have a pain-relieving effect without side effects or allergic reactions. Reduce minor swelling. The herbs Goldenrod and Dandelion help the body shed excess fluids in the affected tissues.*

Regulate inflammation in affected tissues (anti-inflammatory action): The herbs Meadowsweet, Dandelion, and Goldenrod regulate your body's production of inflammatory substances. As their concentration decreases, excess fluids are also removed from the body.*

PATENT PENDING DELIVERY SYSTEM gets more potency to the bloodstream allowing the formula to reach its tissue targets with all of its activity intact.*


Take two (2) capsules every morning just before eating. An additional capsule may be taken in the evening in the event of extreme discomfort.

Warning: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Store in a cool dry place.


I am LOVING the ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF CREAM! Especially since this 41-year-old body is trying to keep up with the 20 years olds I compete against! Thank you for sponsoring us with it in our goody bags at Ms Fitness USA & World. I am always excited to see your products in our goody bags. The ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF products are terrific. I have a ongoing neck problem that acts up when I am sick or out of alignment or have overdone it on the weights and I rub ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF CREAM on and it is amazing how much better it feels. Also my son who is in football has a new bruise after every practice and game and he always asks me to rub the cream on it because he swears it makes it better a lot quicker. I Absolutely LOVE IT.** -Nikki Crawford, San Francisco,CA

"I cant remember the last time I had a full nights� sleep before finding ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF CREAM. Ive had arthritis in my hip for years and nothing I tried was helping. I reached a point where the pain was so bad I could barely walk. That is when I decided to try ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF CREAM. I was amazed at the way it worked. In minutes my hip pain was gone and now I feel great again. I only wish I had known about this product years ago."** -Carla M Orange Park, FL

I received a tube of Arthri-Zen Relief Cream at a USO military golf outing benefit event. I have been an athlete all my life and have tried numerous creams for relief from muscle aches, strains, sprains and stiffness but hey provided only minor temporary relief. Then I tried Arthri-Zen Relief Cream for sore knee and wrist problems. I got to tell you the relief was real, rapid and long lasting. I am 65 and do not participate in baseball or basketball anymore, but I play golf regularly and thanks to Arthri-Zen Cream I never miss a match due to wrist or knee problems. I am a true believer.** -Mike M Orange Park, FL

I had been experiencing almost debilitating pain in my knees due to previous sport and work related injuries. This pain can be described as a constant increasing throbbing that topped out feeling like a foreign object being jammed into my knees. I would experience this pain while in a sitting position either driving or on an airplane. All I could do is wonder whether I would have to have a knee replacement at some point in the future. Mind you, I'm a young man at the age of 37 to be thinking like this. I have tried over the counter product like Icy Hot etc. only to receive very temporary relief for an hour or so. I often had to take 2 Advair or Aleve in order to further lessen the discomfort. I was very skeptical as to whether I'd receive relief from Arthri Zen products, but I was astonished at how your products relieved my symptoms. I received a sample of your ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF CREAM at the show and my knee pain dissipated in about a 1/2 hour and didn't return for over 8 hours. I then supplemented this therapy with Arthri Zen Joint and Muscle Comfort capsules for the rest of the week and my pain disappeared as you mentioned it would. I was enjoying painless, free range of motion enabling me to bend at the knees, lift, run and most importantly play with my toddler. By the way, my wife enjoyed not hearing me complain about my knees. I have told my friends, acquaintances and co-workers about this "miracle" product and they eagerly ask me how they can try it too. You got a fan and client for life! Thanks ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF!** -Scott Seaborne Baltimore/Washington



There is NO ACCOMMODATION DUE TO USE. That means progressively larger doses wont be required for the maintenance of pain relief.

* The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

** Individual results may vary. We stand by a 30 day return policy for merchandise if you are not 100% satisfied.