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BladderCalm by Bright Nutrition

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BladderCalm, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Healthy Urination Frequency & Control

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Brand: Bright Nutrition
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BladderCalm is a time-honored herbal formula which help support healthy urinary muscles and promote healthy urine withholding power and the frequency of urination.

  • Time tested herbal blend to support urinary muscles,  to improve healthy urine withholding power and to regulate appropriate frequency of voiding
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep with freedom from excessive overnight trips to the bathroom
  • Made in GMP facility in USA - Third party tested
  • Vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO

BladderCalm processed and packaged at a GMP facility right here in the USA, is manufactured by a dynamic hot-water extraction process at a 4:1 ratio, which means that a full ten grams of the raw herbs will yield only one gram of the powerful, concentrated extract itself.


"First of all, of course, this an embarrassing problem, and one we don't really like to talk about.  Also it is one where you get a lot of advice that is not helpful, and sometimes maddening.  I did enough kegels, and my muscles are not weak.  For me this problem occur not only when I sneeze or laugh, though those can aggravate it.  Some days are better than others, even with this product.  I don't want to get a pelvic sling surgery, and over-the-counter products can turn your urine orange. I've tried acupuncture.

I like BladderCalm because it does help me. I have some days which I hardly know I have the problem.  I have days where the problem no longer exists.  I am at the same time pursuing other techniques, and I believe there will come a day when I am no longer wearing a pad.  At this time, I am weaning myself down to 2 pills prior to each meal."
-Jean L.

"I have been using BladderCalm herbal remedy since November 2014 and am doing better day by day.  Over time I have been able to take a break from the pills, instead, I am taking only six to nine BladderCalm capsules daily and doing better overall.  Of course I am still experimenting to find the perfect approach, but BladderCalm does help, and I have found it to be even more effective when I consistently do Kegel exercises as well.  I would certainly recommend it to anybody looking for an effective, natural way to help manage bladder issues."
-Martha, NJ

"These capsules reduced my urgency to urinate in only a couple of days. Whereas, before, I'd be visiting the bathroom every 45 minutes to an hour, I am now able to wait two to three hours! I have a more normal life, no worrying about where is the nearest bathroom. Thank you!"
- Jerry

"Repeat customer. I have experienced a big difference during the night. Getting much better sleep. It provides the relief that I hoped for."
- Eric R.

"Before I started taking BladderCalm, I was that woman who practically LIVED in the bathroom all the time.  First thing I always had to do whenever I visited a new place was to check out the location of nearby washrooms because for certain I would soon need to rush to the closest one with no time to spare.  In addition to being embarrassing, my bladder condition was also painful most of the time.  Earlier this year, when I saw BladderCalm, I decided to give it a try.  I started the full dosage every day and saw good results within a couple weeks.  Since then I have been able to cut back gradually until today I am taking only two capsules twice daily.  I would say my pain and discomfort at this time is less than one-fourth of what it used to be. 

Not too long ago I accidentally forgot to take my BladderCalm for a whole day and found that both the pain and the frequency of urination went right back up.  Thank goodness, though, the improvement resumed the very next day, when I was able to get back on schedule with my capsules. 

I would say that I wouldn’t be without my BladderCalm because it does work well for me."
- Paula C., NY

"This is really effective. I like it better than butterbur formulations. Thank you, I take it every day and feel very confident at my work."
- B. Fox

Directions for use: For best results, take 3 capsules 3 times daily on an empty stomach. For maintenance, take 1 capsule 3 times daily.
Take two to three capsules three times daily initially on an empty stomach (30 minutes before your meal or no sooner than two hours after eating). This herbal remedy works best when taken on an empty stomach to enhance absorption. For maintenance, take one capsule three times daily.

It is suggested that taking a course of three bottles of BladderCalm Formula will provide the most benefit. It takes time for natural healing herbs to build up their effectiveness in your body. The best results are seen after one full course (three bottles).

Not recommended for use by pregnant women.

Ingredients: Prepared rehmannia root, Fried common yam, angelica root, Cinnamon bark, Lindera root, Goji, Eucommia bark in ginger, Asiatic cornus fruit, Alpinia fruit, and leek seed.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsules

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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