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Yin Care Feminine Wash by Arbor International

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Yin Care Feminine Wash

Yin Care Feminine Wash, Value Size, 8 fl. oz.

Naturally formulated for feminine cleanliness

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Arbor Brand Yin Care Herbal Feminine Wash is a natural formulation of Gardenia fruit, Honeysuckle flower buds, Mint leaf, and Summer Cypress Fruit is blended perfectly for your body. And your mind.

Yin Care Herbal Feminine Wash is always fresh and soothing. This tried and true botanical blend has been used by millions of women for more than a quarter century.

Yin Care's refreshing blend and herbal concentrate design make it ideal for regular use or spontaneous and intimate moments. Enjoy the comforts and versatility of Yin Care feminine wash as a douce, and additive to your relaxing bath, a soothing compress, and a gentle topical wash.

Yin Care includes our specially prepared, water-extracted, herbal concentrate that allows for 12 applications.

Yin Care is a combination of 14 highly concentrated herbs treasured, for centuries in China, for their anti-pathogenic properties. Because it�s an easy to use wash and highly versatile, it is wonderfully effective for a wide range of conditions.

Caution : NOT for internal use. In rare instances, skin sensitive patents may react to this product in concentrations above 5%. Intravaginal application for inflammatory symptoms should begin at a lower concentration 5% and increased to 15-20% with repeated use.

Cnidium - She Chuang Zi ... External application
Mentha - Bo He ... Transform phlegm-Damp
Lonicera - Jin Yin Hua ... Cl. Heat and Resolve Toxins
Gardenia - Zhi Zi ... Cl. Heat and Drain Fire
Phellodendron - Huang Bai ... Cl. Heat and Dry Dampness
Scutellaria - Huang Qin ... Cl. Heat and Dry Damp
Sophora - Ku Shen ... Cl. Heat and Dry Dampness
Kochia - Di Fu Zi ... Drain Dampness
Artemisia - Yin Chen Hao ... Drain Dampness
Angelica - Du Huo ... Dispel Wind and Damp
Atractylodes - Cang Zhu ... Transform Dampness
Acorus - Shi Chang Pu ... Open Orifices
Artemisia - Ai Ye ... Stop Bleeding
Pseudolarix - Tu Jing Pi ... Expel Parasites

Suggested Usage:
Topically: Mix (5-100%) herbal concentrate with various amounts of water into a solution, apply directly to skin as a wash, compress or sitz bath 2-3x day.

Vaginally: Utilize washing receptacle (douche) and mix 5-20% concentrate with water, rinse 2-3x day, 5-6 days a course of treatment. For more serious vaginal conditions, soak tampon with 50% concentration mixture and insert for 3-5 hours 1-2x day, 6 days as course of treatment.

Vaginitis: 20-50%
acne: 20-50% wash
Vaginal itch: 10-20% compress
eczema/psoriasis: 5-20% dressing
Shingles: 50-100%
fungal foot: 50-100%
Cold sore: 50-100%
poison oak: 50-100% wash/dressing
Rash: 10-20%
insect bite: 50-100%
Burn: 5% dressing
hemorrhoid: 10-20% wash

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