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Luo Han Kuo by Tao Of Herbs

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Luo Han Kuo

Luo Han Kuo, Momordica Fruit Powder, 3.5 oz.

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Brand: Tao Of Herbs
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Luo Han Kuo Pure Powder - Premium Herbal Product Luo Han Kuo, LHK Natural, with its dark amber color and rich flavor, is an ideal way to pursue good health and well being.

Promotes General and Respiratory Health.
*Great Taste - Naturally Sweet.
* Cooling - Reduces Body Heat.
* Low Glycemic - No Sugar Added.
* Antioxidant - Soothing

Luo han kuo is 250 times sweeter than sugar. It is also low-glycemic, which means it stabilises blood sugar levels and can be used to develop products to combat diabetes and obesity. Chinese have been using the fruit's dark brown juice for thousands of years for respiratory ailments and other ailments and as an ingredient for soups and broths.

Suggested Usage: 1/4 spoonful 2-3 times, or as directed.

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