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SolGuard SPF 25 by Caribbean Solution

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SolGuard SPF 25

SolGuard SPF 25, Eco Safe and Marine Friendly, 6 oz.

Water Resistant

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Brand: Caribbean Solution
Item #: CAS250619
UPC: 320031250619

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SolGuard SPF 25, Natural Biodegradable Sunscreen is a non-toxic, blend of natural skin conditioning ingredients and natural sunscreens. It is also water resistant, and most important, eco safe and marine friendly.

This sunscreen lotion is Biodegradable and perfect for those water enthusiasts that are active in Diving excursions; snorkeling; and overall water activities. Many, if not all, Dive Destinations require Biodegradable sunscreen in order to participate in reef dives and explorations, due to the determination that chemical based sunscreens are the reason for many of the natural coral reef systems being killed. SolGuard SPF 25 uses the natural minerals, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, the only known natural combination that will reflect both UVB and UVA rays from the skin. There is 9% Titanium Dioxide and 3.5% Zinc Oxide in the formulation, providing complete and total UV block capabilities.

How to use SolGaurd SPF25?

Do not vigorously rub the lotion on the areas of protection. Simply use your hand as a paint brush and gently wipe the lotion on the areas of need. This way, you do not energize the whitish hue of the Zinc Oxide. Pay close attention to areas where the bone is closest to the skin like the shoulders, the face and the tops of feet, bathing suit lines, as these areas tend to be areas that burn easily. Apply every hour to hour and a half. As much as the need for a sun block is, the skin must have hydration abilities to maintain its normal temperature while exposed to abnormal heat conditions.

The SolGuard SPF 25 includes Organic Aloe Leaf; Cucumber extracts; organic Jojoba; and various tropical plant extracts from the Caribbean to inject and sustain moisture in the skin keeping it cool, so as not to overheat. Natural Anti-Oxidants and Natural preservatives are used such as, Green Coffee Bean: Wild Pansy extract: Sunflower Oil; and Natural Vitamin E from corn make this 100% natural sunscreen.

The natural minerals, Titanium Dioxide AND transparent Zinc Oxide afford the skin the true BROAD SPECTRUM PROTECTION from both the UVB AND UVA rays. Sol Guard SPF 25 gives you maximum protection. This product will not come off in the water, and therefore, divers, snorkelers and water enthusiats will have positive results from its use.

No parabens are used as preservatives and the use of a food grade sorbate provide natural preservative abilities to allow for a 24 month shelf life. SolGuard spf 25 is water-resistant and does not come off upon entry into water.

Why choose Caribbean Solution?

Environmental Working Group has given our Chemical Free, biodegradable, Broad Spectrum Protection sunscreens, one of their highest ratings and has listed our brand in their top 39, out of 100's, as the safest to use. The preservative system is a natural, food grade sorbate, a claim many "Natural" products cannot make. NO animal testing and no nano-technology is used. Our Sunscreen minerals, Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, are processed by Micronization, NOT Nano Technology, reflect BOTH UVB & UVA rays.

Active Ingredients: 9% Titanium Dioxide and 3% transparent Zinc Oxide


Hi, I purchased your products at the Marriott on a trip to Orlando. The gentleman we purchased them from convinced me that I did not need the SPF 50 that I had next to my chair. I am fair skinned and freckled, so SPF 50 was my normal susscreen, but of course, it is hard to get that good golden brown tan with that amount of sunscreen. The SPF 25 has produced the most incredible natural tan that I have had in my life. I use it with the Onyx Oil on top for extra moisture and I am so happy with results. Your product is the greatest and I have tried them ALL! Keep up the great work.
Cynthia, Dallas, TX USA
July 30, 2007

Bruce, I just wanted to let you know that I had no problem with the sunscreen not being labeled eco-friendly or biodegradeable in Mexico. I also want to tell you what a WONDERFUL product you have. I used the SPF 25, then switched to the SPF 15. I DID NOT BURN nor PEEL and my skin feels great. I really like the scent too. A few people commented the scent at the pool, so I showed them the bottle, told them it was biodegradable and that I was more than pleased with the lotion. A few people wrote your website address down.

I snorkled for about an hour each day and it really didn't come off in the water. Back home at the marina, I'm still using it and have introduced it to some of my friends. It took alittle getting used to the product not working into the skin like the regular sunscreens, I had a slight sheen, but that's not a big deal. I tried a competitor's product, Mexitan SPF 8, didn't like the smell and I had little flecks of white on my skin after I applied it. Your Caribbean SOLutions beats them hands down in my book. I'm so glad I found such a wonderful lotion. I'm going to tell Yareck's Natural Foods that it's a great product and to keep it in their supply.
Thanks, Lynn PA

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