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Whole Body Cleanse by Enzymatic Therapy

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Whole Body Cleanse

Whole Body Cleanse, Internal Cleansing System, Simple 2-week Program

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The Whole Body Cleanse is a simple, 2-week program. It is a safe and effective system to rid your body of toxins. Toxins come from many sources, everyday—from the foods we eat to the air we breathe. This kit helps you achieve healthy, comfortable internal cleansing and thorough detoxification—without depleting beneficial nutrients your body needs.† This kit contains fiber, a gentle laxative formula, and milk thistle for liver support.

The Whole Body Cleanse is a complete cleansing kit with fiber to gently enhance your body’s own natural internal cleansing process for thorough detoxification. Detoxification helps eliminate bodily toxins, strengthens the digestive system and improves health.

Whole Body Cleanse remembers the importance of Fiber. Without fiber in the cleansing process, eliminated toxins can go right back into your bloodstream. That’s why Whole Body Cleanse has fiber as an important part of this kit to get your system back on track!

  • Has no harsh stimulant laxatives—like senna and cascara—that are found in many other detoxification programs.
  • Uses natural herbs and plants to work in harmony with the body’s own built-in purification system. No beneficial nutrients are depleted that can leave you feeling drained and fatigued.
  • Restores your body’s health and vitality without invasive enemas and harsh stimulants that actually alter the way your body works.
  • Supports detoxification for the whole body including the intestines, liver, gall bladder, circulatory and lymphatic systems.†
  • A gentle, non-stimulant laxative with a soothing herbal blend to promote healthy and comfortable bowel cleansing
  • Milk thistle to help eliminate toxins and support liver function.

Think of natural cleansing with Whole Body Cleanse† as rejuvenation for every season, 4 times a year! Everything you need is in this kit. You will be embracing three effective products:

1. Whole Body Cleanse Laxative Formula
This formula promotes healthy, comfortable bowel elimination. It also purges the intestine of built-up toxins and promotes healthy, comfortable bowel cleansing and effective detoxification.

  • Magnesium hydroxide draws water into the intestines, making waste material soften and swell.
  • Slippery elm bark supports healthy intestinal mucous.
  • -Marshmallow root supports both immune and digestive health.
  • Peppermint leaf extract supports and soothes intestinal muscles.
  • Burdock and Red Clover support detoxification of the lymph and circulatory systems.

2.Fiber Formula
The Fiber Formula safely absorbs and eliminates toxins and improves colon function.† It binds the toxins loosened by the Laxative with highly effective all- natural fibers and herbs, including:

  • Oat bran—the most soluble fiber of any grain.
  • Pectin from citrus fruit—provides fiber and supports immune health, too.
  • Psyllium husk—absorbs more than any other bowel-regulating fiber.

But even the best detox fibers can’t cleanse the colon if they can’t get to the toxins for absorption and elimination. Most psyllium fiber products won’t disperse fully and form slugs in your lower intestine. Enzymatic Therapy’s Fiber Formula features a unique system that thoroughly disperses and completely releases these fibers throughout the entire colon.

3.Super Milk Thistle Supplement

Super Milk Thistle supplement supports healthy liver and gall bladder function and detoxification. It helps eliminate the toxins and excretory matter loosened up by the Laxative and absorbed by the Fiber. Super Milk Thistle contains:

  • Milk Thistle, one of nature’s finest liver-supporting herbs and a powerful antioxidant.
  • Artichoke extract to support healthy bile production.
  • Licorice and Dandelion for support of healthy bile flow. The liver breaks down harmful substances, which are then excreted into the bile or blood. Blood by-products are filtered by the kidneys and leave the body in the urine. Bile transports the toxins that the liver neutralizes to the intestines where they leave the body as waste.

Remember: You can use Whole Body Cleanse† up to 4 times a year.

For in-between cleansing, Enzymatic Therapy has a complete family of cleansing products for restoration and rebuilding…everything you need to keep up your vibrant new state.

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