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Oolong Tea In Bulk by HK

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Oolong Tea In Bulk

Oolong Tea In Bulk, 5.29 oz

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Oolong tea (literally translated as Black Dragon) is what is known as a partially oxidized green tea (camellia sinensis), and has some of the qualities of both green tea and black tea.

Uncle Lee’s Oolong Tea in Bulk consists of high quality oolong harvested from the Fujian Province in China. Because our Oolong is not baked as long as Dark Oolong, the steeped tea has a light golden hue, sweet flora aroma, fresh initial flavor, and a sweet floral aftertaste which lasts after the sip. The rich flavor and fragrant aroma of our oolong tea result from an oxidizing action called withering. This process is done by tumbling the tea, or otherwise bruising the surface of the leaves. This allows the tea to soften, releasing enzymes that darken the tea leaves when exposed to air.

Oolong tea is a world famous natural health drink that is loaded with anti-oxidants and thus, many health benefits. It is a natural fat emulsifier and has approximately 15 to 55 mg caffeine per cup depending on the strength of the brew.


Oolong Tea

Suggested Usage:

Brewing instructions are to add 1 heaping tablespoon to 2 pints boiling water and remove from heat. Steep for 20 minutes and strain. Makes 4 servings for the day.

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