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Elder Flower by Nature's Answer

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Elder Flower

Elder Flower, 1 oz.

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Elder Flower Fluid Extract with 12-15% certified organic alcohol

The most common medicinal uses for Elder Berry are:
* Cold / Flus
* Sore Throats
* Herpes breakouts
* Swollen Glands

Elder Berries contain vitamins A, B and C plus various flavonoids including quercetin; however, these substances alone cannot account for its remarkable effect of disarming the symptoms of a cold or flu. An Israeli scientist, Dr. Madeleine Mumcuouglu, Ph.D., performed research that uncovered the mechanism of activity of Elder Berry's anti-cold and flu activity. The flu is triggered by a virus, which must invade living cells in order to reproduce and spread. The virus enters the cell by puncturing the cell's outer membrane with tiny spikes known as hemagglutinin. Dr. Mumcuoglu discovered that the active ingredients in Elder Berry bind onto the hemagglutin, deactivating it and ultimately preventing the piercing of the cellular membranes.

Suggested Usage: 1mL, 1-3x daily

Ingredients: Elder flower fluid extract (1:1) 1,000mg

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