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Biocalth-Calcium L-threonate by BioCalth

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Biocalth-Calcium L-threonate

Biocalth-Calcium L-threonate, 90 caplets

Invest In Your Bones and Joints

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Brand: BioCalth
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Biocalth Calcium BioCalth is the only brand utilizing Calcium L-threonate.

BioCalth significantly increases bone density by it's particular mechanism of enhancing osteoblasts' activities and promoting collagen biosynthesis. This guarantees not only minimum bone loss but also the best bone formation and reparation. BioCalth usage provides better protection for joint/cartilage structures and noticeably relieve pain, cramps and other symptoms associated with calcium deficiency, osteoporosis and degenerative joint troubles.

How efficient does Biocalth® work?

Biocalth® contains Calcium L’Threonate with is a unique ingredient proven to help deliver Calcium more efficiently to the bones and increases the absorption rate of calcium to a massive 95% compared to 40% of ordinary calcium supplements.

What are the benefits of Biocalth®?

It is the only product to contain Calcium L-Threonate which directs calcium through your intestines and deposits the calcium more effectively to the bones. In addition to the advantages of its bioavailability, Biocalth® actually results in:

*Bones which are not merely stronger but more flexible

*Increased collagen formation (collagen is not formed as a result of calcium supplementation

*Promotion of cartilage development (cartilage is not formed as a result of calcium supplementation)

How is BioCalth® different from other calcium products on the market?

BioCalth® has been scientifically shown to be more readily absorbed from the stomach through the wall of the intestine. In addition, BioCalth® delivers calcium more effectively to the bone where it stimulates the cells specialised to form bone (osteoblasts) and cartilage.

What causes bones and joints to degenerate?

There are a number of factors which affect the state of our bones and joints, for example the adequacy (or inadequacy) of our calcium and vitamin d intake, our age, the level of exercise we habitually take, trauma, disease, body weight etc.

How does BioCalth® help with bone and joint health?

A number of studies conducted with BioCalth® have revealed its abilities to help maintain cartilage and joint structure by promoting cartilage production, helping to inhibit bone loss and assisting in the maintenance of connective tissue.

Why is there no Vitamin D in BioCalth®?

Vitamin D is typically used in combination with calcium to help transport the calcium to the bones. Calcium L'threonate does not require Vitamin D to transport the calcium as this active ingredient is unique and effective on its own. BioCalth® therefore has a significantly higher absorbancy rate than Calcium & Vitamin D combined.

Ingredients: BioCalth contains L-threonate, a bioactive metabolite of Vitamin C in vivo. L-threonate has specific influence in bone metabolism. It transports calcium into blood via the intestine and deposits calcium in bone more efficiently. L-threonate is a biocarrier for calcium.

Suggested Use: Take one caplets three times daily or as recommended by your physician of health professional. In case of high risk factors of osteoporosis, take two caplets three time daily.

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